The Divas

Millionaire Divas

Join the DIVAS, a group of up and coming millionaire entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, multi-level marketers, and heart based businesses who work together as a tribe to help and support each other in growing our businesses, addressing limiting beliefs, and gaining clarity on our purpose.

The DIVAS program consists of the following opportunities:

Millionaire DIVAS Private Facebook Group

Social Media

Millionaire DIVAS Private Facebook Page

FREE !!! Join the DIVAS FB page for daily inspirations, discussions on limiting beliefs, targeted readings, and regular encouragement.

Millionaire DIVAS: Bang Blast Bless Bliss –BAM

Money Manifesting Workshop

DIVAS BANG, BLAST, BLISS BLESSING—BAM  Money Manifesting Workshop!!!

Change your money VIBE with these 4 easy lessons for flipping underlying beliefs that keep you stuck…beliefs that keep you in lack…beliefs that do not allow you to live the life you desire…beliefs that block your money flow…beliefs that keep the flow of dollars from coming your way…beliefs that do not enable you to manifest the life you deserve!!

Millionaire DIVAS: Change Your Money Story, Change Your Life

Rewriting Your Story

Change Your Money Story, Change Your Life

If you are struggling with manifesting money, wealth, riches, and treasures to the level that you know will serve your highest good, then maybe, just maybe you need to Rewrite your Money Story in order to Rewrite Your Story.

Millionaire DIVAS Cruise

Growth Cruise


Join the Millionaire DIVAS on a three day Ensenada Cruise to have FUN in the SUN as you get clarity and focus on growing your income, creating opportunities, focusing on abundant opportunities, and building your team. Bring your team for team building activities or join a group of like minded entrepreneurs and make this your BEST summer yet!!!

Millionaire DIVAS:  Transformative Coaching


Transformative Coaching

Are you ready to invest in yourself to start getting the results you know are at your fingertips? Have you done everything except “break” the abundance code? Are you ready to take the time to do the really hard and deep work of transforming your thoughts, your values, your beliefs around money, riches, wealth, and abundance?

Millionaire DIVAS:  Certification Course


Get Certified!

Would you like to be a certified provider for Millionaire DIVAS? Have you dreamed of helping others reach their abundance goals? Are you working on your abundance goals and stumbled upon this ad? If you answered YES, this maybe the opportunity the universe has served up to you.

Heart Based Business Course Development


Heart Based Business Course Development

Are you looking to uplevel your business and want to put your own content into a course? Do you have awesome content you have been working with and want to be able to create your own online course? Are you ready to have your own online course with your own content?

Setting intentions for your day, your week, your month can have life changing repercussions, especially if you connect and align your soul’s purpose with your heart’s desires. And, don’t forget to let spirit play.

Un abrazo, Your Divine Self

What We Offer

Roots and Wings offers fun and creative programs inspiring personal, professional, and spiritual development. Connect with us on Social Media, Subscribe to our Daily ABRAZOS and get ready to GROUND & FLY!!! Please click on the icons below to learn more. 


Millionaire DIVAS are out to change the world by supporting causes that are near and dear to their hearts, inspiring women to live empowered lives, and standing in their power.


ABRAZOS of Gratitude and Appreciation is a program to transform your life by deepening your gratitude practice and providing position energy wherever it is needed.


Reclaiming Your Divinity provides opportunities for you to explore your soul’s purpose, your heart’s desires, and your spirit’s calling as you engage in this game called life.

Inspiring Peak Performance in Life

Changing the World, One Person at a Time!

Specializing in connecting you with the divine within, Dr. Zulmara Maria is a spiritual guide inspiring personal, professional, and spiritual balance for peak performance.

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Who is Zulmara Maria?

Who is Zulmara Maria?

Holding a Sacred Space for Your Spiritual Growth and Development Award winning Latina, Dr. Zulmara Maria is a ceremonial priestess who holds sacred space for your financial abundance, physical healing, and healthy relationships. She is available for readings,...

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