Understanding the Relationship Between Beliefs and Manifestations


Your Beliefs are Your Manifestations

October 12

It is important when manifesting your millions or you abundance to understand the relationship between your beliefs and your manifestations. Everything in existence, no matter what it is, has its genesis in thought. First you had to think it in order for it to manifest or to materialize in your life. Life does not just “happen” it happens according to your plan, your thoughts, your way of knowing and being, and seeing and thinking in the world. What you think is what you manifest, it really is that simple. As Mike Dooley, Mr. Universe, has said often, “Thoughts become things.” What you think is what you bring forth in your life, at is most fundamental level.

If you think you deserve wealth, abundance, and an easy life, you will manifest wealth, abundance, and an easy life. If you think you will be wealthy after a lot of hard work, then you will be wealthy after a lot of hard work. If you think that wealth is for others, but not for you, then wealth will not be coming to you. If you believe that wealth is OK, but health is better, than you will have health and not wealth. If you say you want “just enough” to get by, you will manifest “just enough” to get by. It is a very simple formula. Once you see what you are manifesting, ferret out the belief that is behind it and you will see that what you believe you think, what you think you manifest…at its most basic level.

Once you have identified your beliefs, if you are not satisfied with your results, then change your beliefs…with meditations, visualizations, mantras, affirmations, afformations…the list goes on about how to change beliefs…and sometimes, you can set off to change beliefs even if you do not know what they are…just affirm what you want and watch the magic happen. (Unless of course you do not believe in magic, because then…yeah you got, you will only get miracles.)


Con un pan y cafecito,

Seguimos adelante,

Zulmara Maria


Thank You Senator Lara for this Women of Distinction Award!!!


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