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Welcome Welcome to ZulmaraMaria.com this is your opportunity to connect with Zulmara Maria Teixeira de Lima and share in a divine journey of discovering who you are and connecting with your divine purpose. Please spend some time exploring the website and get your free gratitude journal download, sign up for her blog, and send her a message.


Download a FREE Guided Gratitude Journal – just click on the link below and enter your email address to receive the link and start changing your life. Check out the beautiful Guided Poetry Journals for sale – just click on the image click on the link below to discover what you’re been searching for to take your life to the next level! Zulmara Maria is the founder and creator of Roots and Wings designed to help you live your passion and learn to fly in all areas of your life!

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Roots and Wings offers —a personal, professional, and creative growth program for Latinas to find their voice, their strength, their identity, and their purpose in life. She leads inspiring workshops that help Latinas achieve their dreams, celebrate what is right with their lives, and develop as self-actualized mujeres de pasion.

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Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.  Henry Ward Beecher

ZulmaraMaria.com invites you to reclaim your divinity and find your purpose in life. Today we’d like to inspire you to get started on your gratitude journey by making a list of three things you are grateful for. Then we invite you to take a few minutes each day to add another item to this list. In 30 days review your list, count your blessings and see what changes come about in your life from this simple step!

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Zulmara Maria can be contacted via email at: zulmaramaria@gmail.com. Please like her facebook fanpage, follow her on twitter, connect with her on linkedin, follow her on pinterest, subscribe to her blog, subscribe to her newsletter and connect with her on meetup!

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