Holding a Sacred Space for Your Spiritual Growth and Development

Award winning Latina, Dr. Zulmara Maria is a ceremonial priestess who holds sacred space for your financial abundance, physical healing, and healthy relationships. She is available for readings, blessings, cleansings, and ceremonies. Dr. Zulmara hosts wellness events, retreats and private parties for groups and indivudials. She will do blessings and cleansings of home and work spaces that are specifically cultivated for you and your needs. 

In 2003, Dr. Zulmara Maria founded Roots and Wings and started offering personal, professional, and spiritual growth programs to help individuals find their voice, their strength, their identity, and their purpose in life. Her inspiring workshops focus on achieving dreams, celebrating humankind, healing the collective, developing as self-actualized individuals, and  living a purpose informed life.

Dr. Zulmara Maria is president of the Long Beach Holistic Chamber of Commerce,  certified leader for Infinite Possibilities, co-founder of the RiseUp Leadership Series, founder of Latina Gratitude Month, and a featured author in Chicken Soup for the Latino Soul. She has authored three signature programs: Millionaire DIVAS, ABRAZOS of Gratitude and Appreciation, and Reclaiming Your Divinity.

She has been recognized and honored as a Woman of Distinction from CA Assembly District 70, Woman of Distinction from CA Senatorial District 33, received the Latina of Influence recognition, and honored as a Ms. Long Beach Women of Achievement. She has been featured in VoyageLA as a person to watch and is currently serving as President for the Long Beach Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce.

She specializes in helping others reach peak performance spiritually, professionally, and personally as they cultivate gratitude and appreciation in their lives.  is an Educator, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Blogger, and Entrepreneur–Inspiring women to soar while being grounded in their ancestral roots. As the Founder at Roots and Wings, Dr. Zulmara Maria endeavors to inspire others to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually for peak performance. 

Dr. Zulmara Maria is an Award Winning Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Guide, Certified Infinite Possibilities Coach, Author, and Educator Extraordinaire. She specializes in helping participants balance their personal professional and creative life for peak performance. She hosts private parties and leads highly interactive workshops with companies and groups. She has developed three signature programs: Millionaire DIVAS, ABRAZOS of Gratitude and Appreciation, and Reclaiming Your Divinity.

Dr. Zulmara Maria
Inspirational Speaker, Author, Blogger, Entrepreneur

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