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All of these can be workshops can be modified to fit the needs of different groups and organizations. The workshops are highly interactive and get participants discussing the issues and concerns that matter most to them and the goals they are achieving. If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please contact her at:

Reclaiming Your Divinity

Roots and Wings: How our Latino Culture Supports and Sustains UsHow our Latino Culture Supports and Sustains Us

In this workshop, Zulmara Maria will be discussing her creative journey and how she nurtures her alma creativa to help her achieve her goals, live life to the fullest, and stay in the moment. She will share tips for soaring as a Latina in your personal and professional life as you honor your cultural roots and stay grounded.


Finding Your Voice in Two CulturesBuscando Tu Voz en Dos Culturas / Finding Your Voice in Two Cultures

In this interactive workshop, participants will discover how their dual identity facilitates success in both the personal and professional realm. Participants will explore their passions, how to be true to their word, and how to honor their heritage and living voice. The emphasis will be on both/and…not either/or as you gain clarity and focus about who you want to be.


Cuentame un cuento/Tell Me a StoryCuentame un Cuento / Tell Me a Story

We all have a story to tell. A story about how we got to where we are. In the trilogy of your life, your story actually has three parts, The Latina, The Leader, and the Legacy. As you explore the purpose of your life, you start with who you in. In this guided seminar, participants will explore the three aspects of their trilogy and learn how to tell all three. In the first part, we will who you are as a person and how did you become the person you are today. The second part of the trilogy describes who you are as a leader, artist, CEO, business owner, and or entrepreneur. And the third part of the trilogy will delve into the legacy you are leaving with your art, business, or presence.


Pampering Your MusePampering Your Muse… Cuidando de ti Misma

As artists and creative beings, it is important that we take time for ourselves in order to release our creative energy. In this seminar, we will be working on unleashing our inner diva, nurturing our creative souls, and encouraging our artistic spirit. Strategies will be shared for renewing, rejuvenating, and jump-starting our creativity.


Practicing your Pitch / Pitching Your Passion

Practicing your Pitch / Pitching Your PassionWhen you are in business, it is important to have a pitch that is ready to go that conveys who you are, what you do, why you do what you do, and what you need. Learn how to write a pitch that exemplifies your passion and then gives you the opportunity to practice that pitch with other participants. Participants will be asked to prepare an elevator pitch and email pitch before attending. The workshop will focus on tweaking and perfecting your pitch.


It’s That Vision Thing Again

Vision and Life GoalsWe have all heard how important it is to have vision, to focus on what we are trying to achieve, to visualize the future that we want, and to attract to us that which is important in our lives. Many individuals use a vision board in order to achieve clarity and focus on their goals, ambitions, intentions and purpose. In this Make it-Take it workshop, participants will work on a vision board that reflects their personal and/or professional lives and leave with tips on how to create an electronic vision board that is dynamic and ever-changing with your goals and objectives.

If andyou’re interested in requesting any of these workshops please feel free to contact Zulmara Maria via email at:




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