What are you Grateful for?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat are you Grateful for?

What do you Appreciate about your Life?

How have you been Blessed?


MY BIG Idea is to launch the International Latina Day of Gratitude on October 15, 2013 as an official clausura to Latino Heritage Month as an annual event.  I want to bring Latinas everywhere together to raise our collective voices of GRACIAS y BENDICIONES and to help us connect as a talented group of women who are changing the world, one gratitude, one thank you, one appreciation at a time.


It is often said, “Gratitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference.” I truly believe that gratitude is the key in changing our personal and professional lives, changing our relationship with Mother Earth, and claiming our legacy, whatever we choose it to be. I want to harness the power of Latinas to raise our collective consciousness in one voice for all we have to be thankful for, on one day, to remind of where we have been and where we are going.


My BIG idea is to help our community by starting with position of gratitude for all we have been blessed with, so we can move forward and become a force to be contended with. I want Latinas everyone to understand the power of GRATITUDE to transform lives, change relationships, and make a difference in what they are doing.


My Gratitude campaign is nested in the firm belief that the changes predicted by the Mayans for a more feminine world order with the rising of the 5th sun will be spearheaded and led by Latinas who are making a difference, starting their own difference, and leaving their mark in the world by marching to the beat of a different drummer.


We come from STRONG ancestral roots that allow us to soar among the eagle, especially when we recognize and appreciate all we have been gifted. I do believe that we can and should be grateful all the time, every day and that having one day, to come together in gratitude is a nice reminder of that.


For the first International Latina Day of Gratitude, I will be hosting a number of events and having many opportunities for Latinas to participate. Those interested in participating can join my FB group, Latina Gratitude, where they will find resources, quotes, and research on how and why gratitude works. On my website, zulmaramaria.com, Latinas can find a Gratitude Journal filled with quotes from AWESOME Latin@s who are entrepreneurial, forward thinkers who make gratitude work for them everyday. On October 15, 2013 I will be hosting a twitter chat #latinagratitude and a google hangout to discuss the importance of gratitude in our lives. And, last by not least, my beautifully illustrated, “My Life is My Message Poetry Book” will be available as a free download that day.


Mi sueno is that we, we as Latinas, raise our voices in collective gratitude and show the world, just how powerful we are and how positive energy, can make a BIG Difference!!!


So tell me, what are you grateful for, what do you appreciate about your life, how have you been blessed?


Con un pan y cafecito,

Seguimos adelante,

Zulmara Maria


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  • Hola Zulmara, This is Susana’s mom. For me Gratitude comes in so many forms and at this time of my life if am grateful for every moment of my life. Gratitude starts when I wake up in the morning and talk to a good friend, my daughter, or my granddaughters. I love my strong cup of green tea and I continue my journey of gratitude with a walk, a little work on the computer, or speaking to one of my sons. I look out the window and take in the beauty that surrounds and gratitude fills me with each breath. Tomorrow it starts all over and I can hardly wait to see all the wonderful experiences that will come my way that I can be grateful for.

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