We are Divas!!! We are Divine!!!



Tonight, Gina Linn and I will be talking about our views on Divinity and living a Divine life. Please join us as we explore this topic and the ideas behind powerfully finding our voice and being able to live a divine life, of giving back, paying it forward, and supporting others, while we have fun and enjoy our journey.


In this session, we will discuss how to rise up and claim what is yours, rise up and find your voice, rise up and what you deserve to have in this and why it is important for Latinas to claim their space and follow their dreams, why our ancestors are looking out for us, and why the world is our oyster, there for the taking.

Join us to learn more about Reclaiming Your Divinity and sign up for the Reclaiming Your Divinity Make it-Take it workshop HERE. Due to the interactive nature of this workshop, space is limited to 20 participants.


Con un pan y cafecitoReclaiming Your Divinity

Seguimos Adelante,

Zulmara Maria

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