Jorge Raziel Ortiz—Zealous Vision

Jorge Raziel Ortiz—Zealous Vision


Jorge and I connected when he was helping Alain plan a Sol Event back in November of 2010. I had been very active on the Sol Page and I had a blog which listed some of my presentations, and Jorge sent me an email asking if I would be interested in attending and presenting at the next Sol Event.

I was unsure at first if what I had to offer was what they were looking for, but they convinced me that it was and would not take, “No” for an answer. I went, the event was a huge success and Jorge and I become fast friends and supporters of each others business endeavors. We realized we were on the same wavelength and we were excited for the opportunity to work with each other.

A few months later, when Jorge started his Success Coaching Mastermind group, I quickly signed up. I had been impressed with what I saw Jorge doing and how he reached out to Latino youth, being not only a mentor, but a guide. I was also impressed that he had left a secure job to pursue his passion and follow his dream. He is truly an inspiration to me and I have thoroughly enjoyed, both our personal and professional relationship. I have learned a lot from Jorge and I am honored to count him among my friends and colleagues.

Es un placer trabajar contigo, mi amigo,

Con un pan y cafecito

Seguimos Adelante,

Zulmara Maria


Thank You

Ivan Lomelii—Latino Success Network

diciseis-postersWinning an iPad!!!


I only met Ivan once, at a mall in Los Angeles when I won an ipad from a promotion that he was doing. He is the founder of Latino Success Network and he was running a promotion. His promotion had to do with each of us getting a specific code and he would see who posted the most, and I won!!!

I was so excited, not by the iPad, I had ordered mine the day before I won, lol, but because it was proof from the Universe that what you need will arrive when you need it, and I needed this. I needed to see how that internet marketing worked, my experience with Ivan, was the proof that I needed.

So as I said, the universe will provide what we need when we need it, we just have to be open to the possibilities and be able to see what we are being given. In this instance, I was beginning to get a glimpse of how it is done.

Gracias, Ivan, eres muy amable.


Con un pan y cafecito

Seguimos Adelante,

Zulmara Maria


Gratitude Journal

Transformando a tu vida con “la gracias”


Thank You

Gratitude Journal:

Transformando tu vida con “la gracias”

Enjoy Each Day

Laugh-Love-Pray-Give Thanks

A lot has been written about gratitude journals and having an attitude of gratitude, almost too much for me to have anything new to say, except that it works and it works better than anyone who has not tried it can imagine. Once you try it you will see how it will transform your life. And it only takes a few weeks to undergo this transformation.

This gratitude journal is filled with inspiring quotes from some of the most notable Latin@s that have crossed my path in so many different ways. I give thanks for each and every one of them for having graced my journey with their presence. They all currently reside in the Southern California area and are an integral part of my journey. You will find them to be wonderfully inspiring Rising Up Latin@s who are making a difference in the Latin@ community.

Gratitude is the cornerstone and foundation of a complete life changing transformation. I am not talking about small transformations; I am talking about completely changing how you view your life and your circumstances. You just give thanks…give thanks for all of the little things in your life and all the big things in your life. You can give thanks for opportunities, physical health, relationships, mental well being, material goods, and anything else that comes to you. It is just finding that place in your life that needs some positive energy and go for it.

For example, if you want to lose weight, give thanks daily for you the way your body moves, the health you do have, the things you like about your body, the foods you love to eat, the success you are having (real or imagined), and the physical health you will experience once you have lost the excess weight that you want to lose.

And do it for a few weeks and watch how you can transform your life just with giving thanks. I suggest you choose one area in your life that needs some positive energy and go with the flow. It can be your job, your body, your relationship, your spiritual health, your schooling or your opportunities. Just choose one and start jotting down what you are grateful for and choose at least 5 things to write every day. They do not have to be unique, they do not have to be different, they do not have to be the same. There are no rules para dar la gracias, except for the rules that you set for yourself. Choose a theme and go for it. You can jot the list down on your Smart Phone Notes page, you can download an app for notes and use that for writing your gratitudes or you can use the following pages. It will transform your life and how you feel about yourself, your life, and whatever circumstance you are trying to change.

You may not lose that extra 30 pounds in 30 days, (that would not be healthy), but you will lose the angst that you have around food.

The same is true of your job. You may not have the best job in the world in the next 30 days, but you will either garner a new appreciation for the job that you do have or you will see a way or a path to a new vocation.

It is all about changing what you feel to feel what you want and it works. Try it and join me on this attitude of gratitude journey. I know you will be pleasantly surprised by all that you learn and all that feel as you continue moving toward the life that you want, the life of your dreams.

So pick up a pen, pencil, smart phone, ipad, or turn on your computer and give thanks for all the good in your life. And once you start, you may never stop.



Con un pan y cafecito,November Photos 009


Zulmara Maria

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