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Global Latino Summit: The INCREDIBLE Deborah Deras

The SYNERGISTIC Deborah Deras

Discusses the Global Latino Summit


I had the honor and the pleasure of interviewing Deborah Deras regarding the upcoming Global Latino Summit. As the producer, organizer, and mastermind behind the idea and the concept, she is a powerhouse of energy. Her Summit promises to be an AWESOME experience. A great way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month and to share the successes and accomplishments of these AWESOME Latinos with your friends and family.

Click HERE to listen to the interview you will not be disappointed.

And remember to go to Global Latino Summit to sign up for this great opportunity to have a first rate conference come into the comfort of your own home during Latino Heritage Month.

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The Global Latino Summit: Coming to a computer near you

FREE: as Deborah’s Give Back to the Community


The Global Latino Summit is coming to a phone near you as Deborah Dera’s give back to the community. FREE of charge, you will be able to connect with AWESOME Latino leaders in the field as they discuss health, wealth, business, and family. The Summit is FREE and promises to be a great opportunity to hear these great Latinos speak as a way of celebrating Latino Heritage Month.

Just click HERE and sign up for this unique opportunity to connect with others in the Latino Community from the comfort of your own home.

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Jorge Raziel Ortiz—Zealous Vision

Jorge Raziel Ortiz—Zealous Vision


Jorge and I connected when he was helping Alain plan a Sol Event back in November of 2010. I had been very active on the Sol Page and I had a blog which listed some of my presentations, and Jorge sent me an email asking if I would be interested in attending and presenting at the next Sol Event.

I was unsure at first if what I had to offer was what they were looking for, but they convinced me that it was and would not take, “No” for an answer. I went, the event was a huge success and Jorge and I become fast friends and supporters of each others business endeavors. We realized we were on the same wavelength and we were excited for the opportunity to work with each other.

A few months later, when Jorge started his Success Coaching Mastermind group, I quickly signed up. I had been impressed with what I saw Jorge doing and how he reached out to Latino youth, being not only a mentor, but a guide. I was also impressed that he had left a secure job to pursue his passion and follow his dream. He is truly an inspiration to me and I have thoroughly enjoyed, both our personal and professional relationship. I have learned a lot from Jorge and I am honored to count him among my friends and colleagues.

Es un placer trabajar contigo, mi amigo,

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Zulmara Maria


Thank You

Mike Dooley and the IPPIES

Notes From the Universe


Mike DooleyI have been a Mike Dooley fan for about 8 years now. I started receiving Notes from the Universe around 2004-2005 and I loved them. I felt like they spoke directly to me and they were sending me messages about love, greatness, visions, dreams, and thoughts become things.

I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, but then I’d try it on a few things, like getting a new job, and it worked. I would set out my intention, I would visualize, and I would get out of the way, and lo and behold, I was manifesting. Albeit on a small scale, because I was still a non believer, but I kept at it—and I noticed the more I kept the negative thoughts and disbelief at bay, the more and the quicker I manifested.

I was a fan of the Secret and pleased to see Mike on the DVD and in the book, and I read every book that Mike had for sale, usually buying it on the release date. And being an avid reader of the Notes, I knew there was a trainer of trainers program and I was interested, and again, the conspiracy on the part of the universe, and I manifested.

I now am certified to teach, Infinite Possibilities, and I have modified it slightly to fit a predominantly Latina audience and I call it, Reclaiming Your Divinity: las posibilidades son infinitas. And, I have to say, this was divine inspiration while I was at the training and thinking, how do I package this for a primarily Latino audience? And it came to me.

And more irony, when I signed up for Notes from the Universe so long ago, I told them I wanted to set up an internet business, and aqui esta. I am just soo grateful to Mike, for his influence on my life. His life’s work resonates with me and makes for a very fruitful, eventful, and happy journey.

And to add to the euphoria, this year I went to the trainer of trainers for Infinite Possibilities, and met a whole group of IPPIES, who believe as I do, who manifest, who embrace life, and who are making the most of their journey. It has been a pleasure to hear their stories and share their dreams and successes.

If you are not familiar with Notes from the Universe or Mike Dooley’s work, I suggest you check it out, he is truly a divine inspiration.

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Seguimos Adelante,

Zulmara Maria

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