Reclaiming your divinity

And the WINNER is…

Coaching Kit 130 Coaching Kit 129

One-on-One Coaching Winner

Last night at the LAtinas launch party at the ONYX, a very lucky LAtina won a coaching certificate for 8 live AWESOME Law of Attraction coaching sessions on Reclaiming Your Divinity: las posibilidades son infinitas valued at $2400.

As a part of her WIN, she received the following:

  1. Certificate for 8 Coaching SessionsCoaching Kit 123
  2. Infinite Possibilities Workbook
  3. A journal to record progress
  4. A Divinity Reclamation Kit
  5. A candle for serenity
  6. A Reclaiming Your Divinity pen
  7. A card holder for flipping your thoughts
  8. 9 3×5 cards and a baggie for your “I can’ts”
  9. A notecard/a trifold/an inspirational card
  10. A DIVINITY box for all your goodies

Great night with a great initiative. I think this group is going to change the face of politics in California and then the nation. So proud to be a part of this launch.

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It’s All in Your Heartsong

Reclaiming Your Divinity Latina Women

Motivating and Inspiring Music

As a coach for Infinite Possibilities, I use music in my workshops and courses, which is a very fundamental practice among IPPIES (Infinite Possibilities Trainers). Music has a way of lifting your soul, touching your spirit, and opening your heart.

I have a group of songs that inspire and motivate me that I listen to when I am releasing my passions, connecting with my purpose, and lovin my life. Some of these songs are also a part of my coaching practice, my presentations, and workshops. And as part of the curriculum, there is a provocative question to help individuals truly make a heartfelt connection with the lyrics and the message in the songs.

I have started gathering these inspirational and motivational songs on a YouTube playlist so many of you can have easy access to them and find some of the most inspiring songs on my playlist. Hopefully, these will help you connect to your heartsong, your inner motivation, your DIVINE Self.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and start enjoyin these words to inspire your soul and feed your spirit.

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Women Empowerment

Laugh, smile, sing: You ARE divine!!!


Having taken part in the first week of the Deepak and Oprah meditation challenge, I must say that I am feeling the effects of inner peace, love, and abundance. I am lovin this mediation challenge and feeling like I just want to laugh, smile, and sing in my divinity.

Yesterday, a friend, Melinda, posted: Our colonizers made us forget our divine nature but we are remembering, and the thougth just stayed with me and resonated all day. Yes, we are remembering and I have to ask, what does that remembering mean to you?

To me it means that I know I am a divine being, here for a purpose, that abundance is my birthright and I stand tall before my friends and family, inspiring them to go within and capture the divine that is a part of who they are.Abrazos Subscribe

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Rick Najera at Casa 0101


Latinologues Alive and Well in Boyle Heights

Rick Najera opened at CASA 0101 in Boyle Heights on Friday, April 11, 2014  to a full house of eager theatre goers who were excited about seeing this one man show–and he did deliver– to a standing ovation, as only Rick could. In this beautiful gem hidden away in Boyle Heights amid the stunning artwork of Rick Ortega, Rick delivered a Broadway quality performance in the ‘hood. Not the Latinologues of Buford Gomez, but Almost White by Rick Najera.

He read from his book, told stories from his childhood, his past, and his present. He took us on a walk down memory lane, that was both funny, moving, theatrical, and lyrical. As Rick got into storytelling mode, he  not only regaled us with his voice, his mannerisms, and his way of connecting with the audience, but also with a series of technological sound effects, videos, pictures, and visuals that made his stories come alive.

We were there with him in the recovery room when he was in a coma, we were there when he received a phone call from the madrina of Latinas in Hollywood called to wish him well, we were there when he began opening his eyes, first coming to, and then making a recovery. We were there In Living Color with Eddie Olmos, we were there when the baseball broke the window.

The show is a beautifully orchestrated cacophony of sights, sounds, laughter, tears, and moments of silence and reflection. What Rick does so well is use comedy to make a “punto de reflexion” for the audience and he has the delivery down, masterfully using this technique to give one pause. One minute you are laughing at a joke about speaking Spanish and the next, wondering how could a whole generations have been so easily and quickly stripped of their language? The show will make you think…about what it means to be Latino, Mexican-American, Cubano-Americano, Puerto Rican, African-American and “almost white, but not quite…in these United States today.

The show is family friendly and Rick is doing a Q&A after the show, giving audiences a chance to ask him questions about the show, his life, Hollywood, and what happens to Latinos in Hollywood. He can answer the age old question, “Why do not see more Latinos in Hollywood portrayed as doctors, lawyers, engineers? Why don’t we see powerful and courageous role models among the Latinos in Hollywood?

Overall, this is a must see show that has a lot to offer. It will be playing:

  • Friday, April 25 at 8pm /Saturday, April 26 at 8pm /Sunday, April 27 at 5pm

Tickets $19.99 and are available HERE.

Do yourself a favor, grab a comadre or compadre or two, or three or four and go treat yourself to a night at the theatre. You will not be disappointed. Rick delivers as he has always done and makes Latinos in Hollywood proud!!!

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Zulmara Maria


Zulmara Maria

Addicted to Meditation

Inspiring Your Divinity


How do you get addicted to meditation?

You start meditating everyday and soon you will find yourself craving that time to go inside and be silent.

Today starts the FREE 21 day meditation from Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey. I have signed up and I am looking forward to it. I have found meditation to be almost addictive to me and I am craving time to go within. However, there was time I could not meditate because my mind was too wired and going at such a fast pace, I did not know how to quiet my mind, so meditating was not for me. Then I started doing Leela on the Wii and it is fantastic. Now I crave meditations and I totally look forward to my meditation time. I am finding that I need that time alone, to go inside and to get still and I have noticed my flow and my energy. I am vibrating my energy and flow all day long.

So give this free 21 meditation a try, you might find that it is just what your Divine Self ordered!!!

Abrazos Subscribe

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ABRAZOS From that Little Voice in Your Head

Zulmara Maria Abrazos from your Divine Self

A Daily Hug to Start Your Day with a SMILE!!!

You know that little voice in your head that talks to you daily and constantly? That little voice that gives you advice? Puts a smile on your face? And lets you know just how AWESOME you are?

Well, how would you like to receive a positive affirmation from that little voice in your head daily in your email as a virtual ABRAZO?? An ABRAZO that will make you feel good, put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step? An ABRAZO that is FREE, but can have the same impact as wearing a new pair of shoes? A cute top? Or a breezy outfit?

Now they are here, those wonderful little ABRAZOS and they are ready for you to subscribe to, so do yourself a favor and get a fun pick-me-up in your daily email, letting you know that you are AWESOMENESS itself, that you are SAFE, that you are LOVED, and that you ROCK this world.

Bask in your divinity and DISFRUTA!!!

Here a few samples to make you SMILE!!!

  • Go out, give it a whirl, dance life’s dance…the rewards will exceed your expectations!!!
Un abrazo,
Your Divine Self
  • Dance life’s dance, sing life’s song, whisper life’s miracles…You will be AMAZED…
Un abrazo,
Your Divine Self


  • Seek and ye shall find, Ask and it is given, I am at your service.
Un abrazo,
Your Divine Self
  • Remember, it is impossible to fail, I got your back.
Un abrazo,
Your Divine Self
  • Who are you going to touch with your life’s magic today?
Un abrazo,
Your Divine Self
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Zulmara Maria

Powerful Books to Feed Your Soul, Nourish Your Spirit, and Inspire Your Heartsong: Sylvia Mendoza

Reclaiming Your Divinity


Latina Women: 150 Vidas of Passion, Strength, and Success

by Sylvia Mendoza

Reclaiming Your Divinity Book Awards

Written by Latinas for Everyone

Opening Line: The book of Latina Women celebrates stories of the spirit and the resiliency of Latinas who contributions have shaped history.

Quote: Though the term Latina is relatively new, the spirit that goes with it carries an important legacy. For centuries, Latina women have inspired us beyond words. Their actions have sparked great change and their spirit has made its mark on our contemporary world (p. Introduction  Mendoza)

Review: This book is a testament to the power, strength, and diversity of Latinas who have made a difference in the world, who have lived their purpose, who have lived their dreams. Many of them were trailblazers in their fields and braved a path for those of us who were to come behind. These women make us proud to be Latinas, to be women, to be taking our place in our world.

Their stories will make you jump for joy and laugh out loud (lol), they will bring tears to your eyes and they will h

Reflective Questions:

  1. The book is divided into 11 chapters that cover up the multitude of different ways we can contribute to society. Where do you place yourself?
  2. Read over the taglines in the chapter headings, which ones resonate with your regardless of the professional association?
  3. How would you define the “spirit of Latinas?” What is unique about Latinas?
  4. Many who read this book walk away feeling, “Wow, I am so proud to be a Latina!” Did you walk away with that feeling? Why?
  5. Of the 150 Latinas in the book, who impressed you the most? Who surprised you the most?
  6. If you could have dinner with one of the Latinas in this book, who would you choose and why? What are the three questions you’d like to ask them over dinner?
  7. Is there a young Latina you would like to gift this book to? If so, who and why?
  8. How did the Latinas in this book speak to your heart? Which ones inspired you? Which ones do you see as role models? Which ones do you look up to?
  9. Look over the extended bibliography at the end of the book and make a note of how many Latinas you recognize and how many of their works you are familiar with. Who would you add to the list?

About the Author: Sylvia Mendoza

Sylvia Mendoza is an advocate for literacy. She promotes the power of the written word through her writing, editing and speaking projects. As a journalist, Sylvia Mendoza is the author of The Book of Latina Women: 150 Vidas (Lives) of Passion, Strength and Success, an important historic perspective on Latino women who have made significant contributions in the arts, politics, science, entertainment, sports, education, and history. The book was selected for the 2007 California Collection for High Schools by the California Readers Association.

As a freelance writer, Sylvia served as parenting columnist for Siempre Mujer magazine. Articles have appeared in Hispanic Outlook, Uptown, OurCity San Diego, Los Angeles Times, San Diego Union-Tribune, Writers’ Journal, San Diego Writers’ Monthly, Decor & Style, Living Better, Kids’ Wall Street News, and Hispanic. Awards for Journalistic Excellence include First Place for Non-Daily Reporting & Writing/Multicultural Stories from the Society of Professional Journalists and First Place, Non-fiction from National Federation of Press Women for The Book of Latina Women.

Listen to the Podcast HERE.
Con un pan y cafecito,
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Zulmara Maria

Zulmara Maria

Powerful Books to Feed Your Soul, Nourish Your Spirit, and Inspire Your Heartsong: Michelle Herrera Mulligan

Reclaiming Your Divinity


Borderline Personalities: A New Generation of Latinas Dish on Sex, Sass, and Cultural Shifting

Edited by Michelle Herrera Mulligan &

Robyn Moreno

Reclaiming Your Divinity Book Awards

Written by Latinas for Everyone

Opening Line: On day, about a year ago, my mother said to me, “You are not a Latina.”

Quote: We realized that ultimately, it is up to us to decide that we are Latina, to individually determine what the term means. We grappled with the implications of this on our greater culture, and argued about the word’s ability to entirely define us. At the end of this process, we realized that no matter how loaded, conflicted, and difficult the term may be, we are Latinas. Through heritage and by choice.


In this remarkable collection of 20 short narratives, the authors share their  stories of finding their voice, their power, their Latinidad. These fun and sassy Latinas tell us what it is like to not be Latina enough, to not fit into their new countries, to not be accepted in their old countries. The stories are divided into 4 defining transitions in a woman’s life 1) growing up or being a child, 2) finding love, 3) finding your identity, and 4) choosing your calling and your purpose.

These powerful Latinas discuss many different aspects of live and living and being the person you are meant to be. In these stories, you will laugh, cry, shed happy tears, and become one with these powerful Latinas who share their lives and struggles, as they seek to find their identity and define their Latinidad.

Reflective Questions:

  1. How do you define Latinas?
  2. Do you identify as a Latina? Why or why not?
  3. What are the characteristics that you identify with being Latina?Mulligan Quote
  4. In the quote, it says we are Latina by choice, do you agree? Why or why not?
  5. Latina is not a race, an ethnic group, or a cultural group, so what is it? Are you Latina enough?
  6. Why are Latinas becoming so powerful?
  7. What is it that brings us together as Latinas? Do you identify or not?
  8. There are many ways to identify as Latina, what is your claim to Latina fame?
  9. How are you Reclaiming Your Divinity and stepping into the Divine space your ancestors have prepared for you?

About the Author: Michelle Herrera Mulligan

Michelle Herrera Mulligan is the editor of Cosmopolitan for Latinas, the premiere women’s lifestyle publication targeted at English-speaking Latina women.

Prior to Cosmopolitan for Latinas, Herrera Mulligan served as managing editor of, an internationally syndicated website which celebrates Latina success. Her articles and reporting have appeared in more than 20 magazines, including Time, Glamour, and Martha Stewart’s Whole Living. She was a founding editor of Latina magazine.

A prolific author and journalist for more than 10 years, Herrera Mulligan has worked to capture the surging Latina voice in the United States. She co-edited and contributed to Border-Line Personalities, a groundbreaking collection of essays on culture clash and coming-of-age as a Latin woman in America. The book was course-adopted at universities throughout the country, including Yale and Florida International University, and won an Outstanding Contribution to Hispanic Studies Award in 2006. In 2007, Herrera Mulligan edited Juicy Mangos, the first-ever literary collection of Latina erotica in English, which Pulitzer Prize-winning author Oscar Hijuelos called, “a collection of stories that offer the reader some real insights on what being a feeling and thinking Latina in today’s world is all about.”

She is a board member of the Latino Rebel Foundation and actively partners with Las Comadres de las Americas, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, among many other dynamic organizations. She is a frequent guest and contributor of the Council of Urban Professionals, and was invited to join a special meeting of journalists and presidential advisors at the White House this past spring.

This past year, she was nominated as a “revolucionaria” by the Social Revolution at the South by Southwest festival, and was named a 2013 “Woman of Distinction” by the Manhattan Times and Bronx Free Press.

About the Author: Robyn Moreno

Robyn Moreno is a Latina lifestyle expert, Emmy-nominated TV host, author, and blogger at, a weekly newsletter and blog that help women easily infuse beauty and joy into everyday life.

As a sought-after lifestyle expert, Robyn appears regularly on The Today Show, Weekend Today, Extra, CBS Early Morning ShowThe Steve Harvey Show, Fox and Friends, CNBC, and Better TV, among other national and local outlets. She currently hosts her own show, Practically Posh, on the I Heart Radio Talk network.

Robyn believes that personal style can be easily achieved in all areas of life, regardless of budget—a philosophy she touted in her popular book, Practically Posh: The Smart Girl’s Guide to a Glam Life (HarperCollins, 2008) and one she shared with customers in the NYC vintage store she co-founded: A Little Wicked.

Robyn crosses all media platforms to dispense her honest and fun advice.  She was nominated for an Emmy as the host of Plum Daily Hamptons, a daily lifestyle show on the Plum Network, and has written fashion, travel, and lifestyle articles for Elle, InStyle, Glamour, Cosmo for Latinas, Latina, Woman’s Day, Manhattan, Beach, The New York Daily News,,,, and

A proud Latina of Mexican-American heritage, Robyn has co-written and co-edited two Latino-centric books: Suave: The Latin Male (Rizzoli, 2001), a fashion book about Latino style icons; and Border-line Personalities: A New Generation of Latinas Dish on Sex, Sass, and Cultural Shifting (HarperCollins, 2004), an honest and irreverent anthology about life as a modern Latina.

A native Texan and certified yoga teacher, Robyn spends her time between East Hampton, New York and New York City with her daughter and hubby.

Listen to the Podcast HERE.
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Zulmara Maria

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