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“Latino Role Model and Success” Podcast Series

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Here is the link to the podcast I did with Armando F. Sanchez Production yesterday regarding Roots y Wings, International Latina Gratitude Day, and Success and Achievement in the Latino Community. Please take a listen and share with your friends…as we spread the word about International Latina Gratitude Day on October 15, 2013!!!
Zulmara Maria is a Latina Inspirational Speaker, Author, Blogger, Entrepreneur
Inspiring Latinas to soar while being culturally rooted. As the Founder at Roots and Wings, Zulmara endeavors to inspire Latinas to grow personally, professionally, and creatively as they tap into the
raices that make them special and develop the alas to help them soar.
She specializes in helping Latinas find their voice, strength, identity and purpose as they pursue their dreams and celebrate their Latinidad. Her writings and teachings are guided by spirit and follow a path for increasing love, abundance, health, and success in life!!!
“Latino Role Model and Success” podcast series
Armando F. Sanchez, Executive Producer and Host
Armando F. Sanchez
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Successful persons are leaders and had to overcome many obstacles in order to succeed.  Show guests highlight what obstacles we can encounter.  Guests offer practical advice and strategies of how to overcome barriers and achieve.
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Basking in Mil Gracias

Basking in Mil Gracias

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There are so many ways to give thanks and I know many of you are very busy, and some do not like to write in a journal, and others just don’t have time to get on the computer. So have you ever considered an APP for your phone? And, when you are waiting for someone, taking a texting break at work or even just waiting for someone to call back, you can write a gratitude list?

Check out this APP, the Happy Tapper. It is .99 and has a great place for you write down what you are grateful for. Of course, you can also use the MEMOS on your phone or NOTES to achieve the same result. The most important thing is, to get in the habit of saying…thank you, thank you, thank you, for the little things that brighten your day and make the moments in your life special.

And if you do want to say, ” Gracias a Dios” in writing, download my FREE GRATITUDE JOURNAL HERE…and let the blessings be counted!!!

Con un pan y cafecito,

seguimos adelante,


Check it out:

Embracing Gratitude


What are you Grateful for?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat are you Grateful for?

What do you Appreciate about your Life?

How have you been Blessed?


MY BIG Idea is to launch the International Latina Day of Gratitude on October 15, 2013 as an official clausura to Latino Heritage Month as an annual event.  I want to bring Latinas everywhere together to raise our collective voices of GRACIAS y BENDICIONES and to help us connect as a talented group of women who are changing the world, one gratitude, one thank you, one appreciation at a time.


It is often said, “Gratitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference.” I truly believe that gratitude is the key in changing our personal and professional lives, changing our relationship with Mother Earth, and claiming our legacy, whatever we choose it to be. I want to harness the power of Latinas to raise our collective consciousness in one voice for all we have to be thankful for, on one day, to remind of where we have been and where we are going.


My BIG idea is to help our community by starting with position of gratitude for all we have been blessed with, so we can move forward and become a force to be contended with. I want Latinas everyone to understand the power of GRATITUDE to transform lives, change relationships, and make a difference in what they are doing.


My Gratitude campaign is nested in the firm belief that the changes predicted by the Mayans for a more feminine world order with the rising of the 5th sun will be spearheaded and led by Latinas who are making a difference, starting their own difference, and leaving their mark in the world by marching to the beat of a different drummer.


We come from STRONG ancestral roots that allow us to soar among the eagle, especially when we recognize and appreciate all we have been gifted. I do believe that we can and should be grateful all the time, every day and that having one day, to come together in gratitude is a nice reminder of that.


For the first International Latina Day of Gratitude, I will be hosting a number of events and having many opportunities for Latinas to participate. Those interested in participating can join my FB group, Latina Gratitude, where they will find resources, quotes, and research on how and why gratitude works. On my website,, Latinas can find a Gratitude Journal filled with quotes from AWESOME Latin@s who are entrepreneurial, forward thinkers who make gratitude work for them everyday. On October 15, 2013 I will be hosting a twitter chat #latinagratitude and a google hangout to discuss the importance of gratitude in our lives. And, last by not least, my beautifully illustrated, “My Life is My Message Poetry Book” will be available as a free download that day.


Mi sueno is that we, we as Latinas, raise our voices in collective gratitude and show the world, just how powerful we are and how positive energy, can make a BIG Difference!!!


So tell me, what are you grateful for, what do you appreciate about your life, how have you been blessed?


Con un pan y cafecito,

Seguimos adelante,

Zulmara Maria


Latinas Think BIG: LA–Gratitude DAY–October 15, 2013

Latinas Think BIG Los Angeles:

International Day of Latina Gratitude


Launching the International Day of Latina Gratitude on October 15, 2013 as an official clausura to Latino Heritage Month as an annual event is MY BIG IDEA.  I want to bring Latinas everywhere together to raise our collective voices of GRACIAS y BENDICIONES and to help us connect as a talented group of women who are changing the world, one gratitude, one thank you, one appreciation at a time.

I want to attend the ELLA Leadership Institute because I have been impressed with the Latina Leadership Network and the ELLA Leadership Institute and the work that Angelica Perez has done in pulling together an AWESOME, POWERFUL group of Latinas and I want to connect and align my cause with their causes. Many of them are online friends or cyber amigas or social media acquaintances or comadres en el internet- that have the same drive, ambition, and motivation that I have. I love that many of them have a social justice calling that is deep and profound. We are all fighting the same fight, we are all speaking on the same issues, we are all concerned about our children, other people’s children and the plight of mother earth.

This AMAZING group of women resonates with my very core and my projects, International Latina Gratitude Day, Reclaiming Your Divinity: las posibilidades son infinitas, the Latina Millionaire, and Pitching Your Passion and Marketing Your Spirit. I launched my business, Roots y Wings, on September 1, 2013 as a way of celebrating my life, giving back to the community that has supported me for so many years and through so many trials, paying it forward to those who are following their dreams, and supporting our communities in any way I can. My projects are focused on personal and professional development for Latinas and I welcome the opportunity to work with such talented and soulful Latinas who tend to resonate with ELLA and have made it the organization it has become.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to getting to know the many AWESOME Latinas in the organization and further its vision and mission, as Latinas every where raise their collective voices and become the change we wish to see in the world.

To find out more about the First Annual International Day of Latina Gratitude and to participate, please click HERE and stay tuned for more information.


Con un pan y cafecito,Thank You

Seguimos adelante,

Zulmara Maria

Gratitude and Soulshine

Gratitude and Soulshine*


A few months ago, Daniel Gutierrez posted that a friend of his was giving away a hundred decks of Gratitude and Soulshine cards for the simple cost of shipping and handling. I signed up and got one of the give-aways. The cards were created by Dana Tremblay and they are amazing. I have been keeping a gratitude journal for years and I give thanks regularly for all of the blessings in my life and I meditate in gratitude as well, so I was interested in the cards, but not sure what I would get out of them.

However, when I got the cards, I realized they were AMAZING and I love them. The gratitude saying invite you to think and reflect on what you appreciate, what you are grateful for, and what you are thankful for, and how you will show gratitude throughout the day, for yourself, and for others. The deck also comes with a few blank cards so you can create your own.

The sayings are perfect to put you in a place of peace and serenity, they help you to reflect, and achieve inner peace. I use them just before journaling to get centered, I use them to help inspire me for blogging, and I use them for meditating and quieting my mind.

Dana’s website is wonderful and shows examples of the cards…they are truly worth having if you are interested in brings inner peace and serenity into your life. They are a perfect match for my Free Gratitude Journal, when  you don’t know what to say, just pull a card and give thanks.

Con un pan y cafecito, Free Journal

Seguimos adelante,

Zulmara Maria

Los pequeños cambios que puedes hacer hoy, provocaran enormes cambios en el mañana.

The small changes that you can make today, will yield enormous changes in the morning.


*Updated Repost from last year

Dedication: a mis tres hijos


October 2012 123

Our lives are made up of so many beautiful moments, so many wonderful joys, and so many awesome experiences, that at times we behooves us to reflect on those moments, joys, and experiences. When I was pulling together my Gratitude Journal, I dedicated it to my three wonderful children, who all bring me much pleasure and delight. Here is my dedication to these three AWESOME adults…disfrutan.


 This gratitude journal es dedicado mis tres hijos, who are not kids anymore, but grace my days and give me a reason to start each day with gratitude, for I have been blessed.

 Thank you, Jesse, my first born son who taught me that life turns out just as it should, even if I don’t control it all of the time.

Thank you, Nikki, my middle child and only daughter, who showed me the joys of having a mini-me.

Thank you, Tony, my baby and second born son who taught me to live in the moment and enjoy each day for what it has to offer.

Free Journal

Con un pay y cafecito,

Seguimos Adelante

Zulmara Maria


Launch Party

Launch Party

Sweet Inspirations


Every new venture deserves to be celebrated, so when a Get Wise Latina asked if I was having a Launch Party, I thought, GREAT IDEA!!! and enlisted the help of the “madrina” of the Get Wise Latinas  and UpLatino to “PARTAY” with me.

Please join me and the MARVELOUS, Gina Linn Espinosa, as she parties with me to launch my website, We will be discussing upcoming events for both Roots and Wings Get Wise Latinas and Up Latino. We will share our vision for Latinas, why we do what we do, and how all of you have enriched our lives.

As many of you know, Gina Linn is passionate about all things Latino and she has made a significant difference in our community. She is our “madrina” and I am so honored and blessed to have her by my side as I embark on this journey.

So grab your DIVINITY PILLS and join us for this special half hour launch party


Con un pan y cafecito

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Zulmara Maria

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