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I’d like to give a GREAT BIG SHOUT OUT to these AWESOME Latin@s who are STEPPING OUT AND RISING UP …they are all SoCal friends, colleagues, compadres, y commadres featured in my Free Gratitude Journal. Get your copy today and start giving thanks for all you have been graced with and see the transformations start manifesting!!


I have had the honor and privilege to get to know each and everyone of these up and rising Latinos who have become an integral part of my life. Some started as Social Media friends, some as business acquaintances, some as comadres y colegas, all have become an essential part of my journey. A celebration of my life. I hope you take the time to friend them and get to know their work, you will be inspired, motivated and moved by the enthusiasm they bring to life, living, and leaving a legacy.
Please download your FREE Gratitude Journal today…and start giving thanks for all that has graced your life. And please go and visit the sites of these contributors, they all have something wonderful to offer our community.
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Zulmara MariaGratitude Journal Zulmara Maria
Aaron Sanchez  Aaron is an NBC Radio Personality   who hosts LIVE with Aaron and Kelly” NBC News Radio KCAA 1050 AM and   MiCasa Broadcasting, TV Show Host and Producer. He is also an Entertainment   Reporter for NBC Radio KCAA 1050 AM, TV Show Host Producer.
Alain Romero Alain   is the founder of SOL-Professionals,   Society of Latino Professionals, based in Los Angeles, California. SOL was inspired by the realization   that our spirit is what keeps us going despite any challenge that life may   offer. As we delve into the spirit, we realize that it is eternal and it   lacks ethnic origin. SOL-Professionals   is an inclusive organization. The purpose is to propel the success of Latino   Professionals. Therefore the membership resembles, not a color of skin, but a   collective spirit that is in line with our purpose.
Alexandra Jimenez Alexandra is Travel Fashion   Girl. She offers girls advice about how to pack travel clothing, beauty   products, and travel gear that combines form, function, and   fashion. Unparalleled packing lists, informative reviews, expert advice,   and insightful interviews make Travel Fashion Girl a girl’s best pre-travel   resource. It features on the road fashion and beauty advice from   seasoned travelers and backpackers.
Alma E. Catalan Alma   is the creative director of Con Corazon Media. Con Corazon is a multi-media arts production company that serves   the needs of the diverse latin@ storytelling and cultural communities in the   United states and internationally. Con   Corazón is committed to the arts and civic enrichment and has taken on a   significant social goal of transforming the image and understanding of   American Latin@s in our society and the world.rms of media. 
Ana   Flores Ana   is a Latina mom, who with her best friends since college, co-foundes SpanglishBaby. They are extremely passionate   about ensuring their children not only speak both of their languages, English   and Español, but that they also grow up proud of both their cultures, Latino   and American. Over three years ago they realized there’s was a lack of   information available for parents raising bilingual + bicultural children, so   using their background in media, they launched SpanglishBaby. 


 Ana Lydia MonacoAna is a PR &   Social Media entrepreneur that specializes in ambition, goal attaining, and   bringing together communities. She is the founder and CEO of both padma media and marketing, Inc. and the Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Collective.
Ana   M. PooreAnna   is a founding partner at FILMLOOK Inc.,   an award winning post production company. Mr. Faber’s electronic engineering   expertise and intense interest in filmmaking coupled with Ms. Cordova’s   managerial experience made FILMLOOK Inc. a reality. Several television shows   have used FILMLOOK, including SportsCentury (ESPN Classic), Making the Band   (ABC), Secret Adventures of Jules Verne (SciFi), Undressed (MTV), and It’a a   Miracle (PAX).
Ana   NogalesA   native of Argentina, Dr. Nogales is one of the most well-known and respected   Latinas in the United States. Through her private practice, media presence,   books, and organizational leadership, she has dedicated herself to ensuring   the mental health and success of women, Latinos, and anyone else who struggles   with cultural and personal issues, victimization, and inequality.
Chef KikiFlantastic by Chef   Kiki was created with the vision of sharing her family’s recipe as a tribute   to her father.  Once Flantastic by Chef Kiki was started,   it took on a life of its own.  Chef   Kiki started infusing different flavors and fresh ingredients that not only   enhanced the recipe but made specialty desserts. Each gourmet Flan is   prepared when it is ordered, using only the freshest ingredients making for a   one-of-a-kind experience.
Connie CostaConnie   Costa is a Writer, Transformational Leader & International Speaker. She   has a monthly column in TVC magazine called Tips for Extraordinary Living.   She hosts events and transformational retreats in Beverly Hills, Ojai &   Italy.
Daniel   Gutierrez Daniel is   an International Business Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Radio Personality   and Author of Stepping Into Greatness:   Success Is Up To You. Leveraging his experience, his infectious humor,   and his deep belief that there is greatness in each of us, he has transformed   businesses and individuals all over the world. His appeal breaks the   boundaries of profession, culture, and age.
Deborah   Deras Deborah is a Brand Ambassador for the   Hispanic Market, Inspirational Speaker, Author and Life Coach. She is known   as a Productivity and Leadership expert facilitating webinars, corporate   leadership trainings and keynote speaking engagements for Fortune 500   companies such as: JP Morgan, Kaiser, Macy’s, State Farm Insurance and the   University of Phoenix. She served as a brand ambassador for Verizon Wireless   campaign to outreach to Hispanic and Latino Entrepreneurs.
Dita QuiñonesDita is a multi-media journalist (writer,   photographer, and video-maker) who’s worked in advertising, television;   magazine and online publications. She studied film at the Art Center College   of Design and broadcast journalism at UCLA. Dita specializes in   entertainment, politrix, and health.
Gina Linn Espinoza Gina is the founder of both UpLatino and Get Wise   Latinas. She gathers coaches, consultants, speakers, trainers and artists   to inspire personal development among Latinas. Get Wise Latinas seeks to   engage women in educational events and workshops run by Latinas, for Latinas.   Both UpLatino and Get Wise Latinas are as organizations that aim to   strengthen the Latino presence within American culture.
Jacqueline DiazJaqueline   founded Latina Entrepreneurs to help Latinas market themselves better online,   and so much more.  She hopes to influence and inspire through her   podcasts, which will feature Latina Entrepreneurs.
Jes Sofia ValleBloggers of Health is a community for people who   write about health in their blogs. We brainstorm, support, build friendships,   educate, encourage, empower, create and share ideas, engage online and make   connections with one another. We all come together with one major focus:   Health. BOH Magazine is a fusion Health major component, Physical, Mental and   Community Health. The Bloggers of BOH and Professionals help create this   magazine.
Joanna Ilizaliturri Diaz Joanna is a writer,   playwright, project strategist coach and a leader within the healthcare   industry. She holds bachelor’s degrees in business administration and   business management. Her creative works have been featured in Ride to the East Side CASA 0101   theater productions and she was the co-producer of the 8 Ways to Say I Love My Life theatrical   production. Her business career includes partnering with organizations to   develop small to medium businesses and help them strategize their business   plans. She has held officer roles within nonprofit organizations, including   Toastmasters International. 
Jorge   Raziel Ortiz Jorge is the founder and CEO of, Zealous Vision, an organization   dedicated to help its clients achieve their maximum potential. Individuals   and organizations are coached, educated and empowered to move confidently in   the direction of their dreams or goals respectively. While individuals   experience fulfillment, passion, and a sense of purpose; organizations build   a powerful culture, strategically making changes to increase employee   engagement and driving profits upward.
Julia Amante Women’s fiction author, Julia, lives in   California in a home filled with bits and pieces of her Argentine heritage.   Paintings of Argentine towns.  A beautiful leather map with the outline   of Argentina.  Pictures and trinkets. However, the real details of her   beautiful culture unfolded gradually as she grew up the daughter of Argentine   immigrants. Today, a product of the American Dream, Julia writes emotionally   rich stories about family love, and the passion of chasing and achieving   life’s goals.
Laura Filipowicz Laura is the founder of Bag Lady Productions (BLP), LLC., one   of the first influential networking circles geared towards connecting Women   in Business, Brands, Mompreneurs and Influencers. BLP provides resources,   events and connections for women entrepreneurs and brands. She is the creator   of the BLP ConnectHER Conference & Influential Event and is the editor   for BLP’s sister site
Leticia C. LaraLara launched Lara Consulting Group,   Inc., whose mission is to link mental health and early human development   knowledge and resources to achieve emotional wellness and healthy   relationships across the life span. The Lara Group consultancy services   include mental health (e.g., infant and early childhood), professional   development planning and training, program development and Implementation,   and effective group facilitation to achieve successful partnership and   collaboration.
Liz Garcia Liz is a life changing coach. As a   Coach, she will guide you, challenge you, love you, celebrate you, help you   grow, help you achieve what you are capable and deserving of, and help you reach   that place of Happy as you live, love and lead. Get on this journey with me.   It will change your life.
Maria   Sanchez Maria is the creator of Art by Latina Artists or ABLA as it has come to be known by the   artist community. It is an online network of Latina artists. It originated as   a “guest page” on her personal website back in   2004 with just one artist highlighted. One became two, two became four and it   has since evolved into its own website. Over the years it has grown   organically to become a network of nearly 500 Latina artists from all over   the world, not just the United States..
Marian Lopez Marian is   the CEO and founder of Parenting on   your Own, an online membership community designed to assist and support   single parent families. Resources are tele-classes and interviews with   experts, articles on a vast amount of topics on the blog and connections with   organizations and businesses in various areas. The website is in the process   of being completely revamped it will be amazing!
Marcela   BaileyMarcela is   the Chief Information and Marketing Officer for the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. The fund is the nation’s largest   not-for-profit organization supporting Hispanic higher education. Founded in   1975, HSF provides American families with the financial and educational   resources they need to achieve a college education and help America be more   competitive.
Nora   Lizbeth Delgado Nora   is a visionary intuitive Holistic Healer & Teacher, Inspirational Mentor   & Speaker and a Cosmic Channel. She is the founder of Cosmic Healing,   Energy Medicine, AbunDANCE Events, and Living from the Heart TV.


Oly   Glauber

Founder and President of Financially Fit Foundation,   Inc., Oly has created this organization out of her desire to educate people   about managing their finances.  It is based on the knowledge she   acquired through college, in managing her own finances, reading financial   material, talking to experts in the field, successfully managing her own   business and from what she learned from an amazing and incredible woman on   money management, her mother.


Pamela PajueloSeñorita Vino, founded by Pamela C.   Pajuelo, offers wine education in a fun and casual format with the goal of   reinforcing the fact that wine can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their   level of knowledge or experience. Señorita   Vino is dedicated to wine lovers of all stripes, palates, tastes and socioeconomic   levels. In particular, she seeks to create a forum for Latinas who like wine,   but may feel somewhat intimidated by the notion of selecting, tasting and   talking about it.
Reyna   GrandeReyna   Grande is an award-winning novelist and memoirist. Her first novel, Across a   Hundred Mountains, (Atria, 2006), received a 2010 Latino Books Into Movies   Award, a 2007 American Book Award, and the 2006 El Premio Aztlán Literary   Award. Her second novel, Dancing with Butterflies (Washington Square Press,   2009) was critically acclaimed and was the recipient of a 2010 International   Latino Book Awards. The Distance Between Us, Reyna’s third book is about her   life before and after illegally immigrating from Mexico to the United States.
Ruby RoseRuby   is the founder of Hermosa Yoga.   Yoga has had such a positive and powerful impact on her life, she had the   need to give back. She has a mission to guide/offer yoga classes in   communities where Yoga typically would not be practiced or afforded.    She chooses to service these area’s, so that everyone has an equal   opportunity to practice Yoga and enrich their lives as she have.
Sandra Kimberly Marie Eberhardt Sandra   is the founder and CEO of Healing Skeem   Teletherapy an independent online therapy practice specializing in   healing trauma and helping individuals get the life they want. Sandra’s mission   is to provide a therapeutic relationship for healing. She also introduces her   clients to The Healing SKEEM, which is the Sandra Kimberly Eberhardt   Enrichment Method, developed through her doctoral research.
Susana Hernandez Susana   is the founder and co-owner of Latin Inspired Designs with her mom. They have   authentically designed and culturally sensitive handmade Latin Inspired   Nutcrackers in folklorico costumes, Mariachi costumes, Day of the Dead Style   Nutcrackers, Frida and Virgen de Guadalupe. These most awesome and original   Latino Style Nutcrackers can be displayed in your home all year long.


Zulmara Maria Teixeira de LimaZulmara Maria is a Latina inspirational writer,   speaker, and workshop leader. She leads workshops on Achieving Balance,   Journaling, Business, Storytelling, just o name a few. Her workshops are   guided by spirit and follow a path for increasing love and success in your   life as you embrace who you are, where you have been, and where you are   going.

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