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Pampering your Muse-Artist Groups

One of my ways of pampering my muse this past couple of weeks has been to join the online group Walking Through This World. In it, Julia Cameron suggests Morning Pages, Artists Dates and Artist’s Walks. It is so refreshing to be a part of a group that is discussing how the morning pages and artists’ dates can impact one’s creative journey and how each of us approaches things so differently.

I am drawn to my fellow artists and find that I get motivated, inspired, and ?? When I am interacting with them. I have found that my creative juices get flowing even more strongly as I interact with these fellow artists and what they are doing.

This group of 20 very different artists came together as a way to share our creative journeys as we moved through the book together. We continue as a group that truly has enjoyed being together and learning from each other. We are posting our writings, our insights, our inspirations, and our photos. We are sharing our creative journey together as we inspire and support each other. This is fun group and it is like; “You’ve got mail.” every time I log on, I have a sweet anticipation of who may have posted what and what treats and treasures await me.

Do you have an artists group you connect with regularly? How does the group sustain you? Inspire your muse? Get your creative juices going?

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