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Sometimes life hands you lemons and you have to make lemonade, but sometimes, life just hands you lemonade. And those are the sweetest of days. This holiday season my daughter and son-in-law handed me the sweetest of lemonade. They are expecting my first grandchild and I am on cloud nine. I have been thinking and reflecting on life ever since she told me and I am sooo overjoyed and overwhelmed with emotion that I find that I cry at everything. Happy, emotional, and wonderful tears that just tell me that my path is perfect, my journey is as it should be, and I am truly, truly, truly blessed. I have had the BEST life ever and it is just getting better.

A journey that began 35 years ago at UCSB when I met the love of my life, continues today as we are expectant grandparents who are anticipating this new life with love and gratitude. Our paths are many, our journey is adventurous, and the joys, the ups, the positive…absolutely overwhelm all else.

As I look into ushering in 2015, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the blessings I have received in the past and that I am about to receive now. Life is as it should be and I thank all of you for being such an integral part of my life.

Baby KeepsakeCon un pan y cafecito,

Seguimos Adelante,

Zulmara Maria

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