Reclaiming Your Divinity

Reclaiming Your Divinity

Reclaiming Your Divinity: las posibilidades son infinitas!!!


¡¡¡Lista!!! to reclaim your divinity?

¡¡¡Lista!!!  to embrace your divine self?

¡¡¡Lista!!!  to step into your glory and power?

¡¡¡Lista!!! to live a life of love, honor, and integrity?

¡¡¡Lista!!! to honor your ancestors, their stories, their lives?

¡¡¡Lista!!! to step into your abundance to give back, to support, to pay forward?

If you answered, Claro que siiiiiiii

Join me, Zulmara Maria, on a Blessed Spiritual Journey to step into your birthright–prepared for you by your ancestors.

On this journey, we will explore:

  • The true meaning of the Mayan calendar, the 5th sun rising, and the feminine energy balance that has begun.
  • Why Latinas? Why now? What do we intuitively know? What knowledge has been bestowed on us by our ancestors? Why are we being called to action?
  • Why our paths have crossed. Why you have been drawn to this message. Why this message resonates with you. Why you have been chosen, at this time, to reclaim your divinity.

What happens when the feminine power rises? What does the shift in feminine energy mean to you personally, mean to your family, mean to your community? Why is this knowledge so powerful within the Latino community? Why will the shift begin with us? Who are we and why are we being called to action?

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Zulmara Reclaiming Your Divinity!



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