Olivia Rios and NLBWA

Olivia Rios and the National Latina  Business Women’s Association-Los Angeles



This organization is all about helping Latina Entrepreneurs launch and be successful at their businesses. I am giving a special shout-out to Olivia Rios because she has been incredible at planning successful events, getting people there and networking with a passion. As the Associate Director, she epitomizes what the organization is about as she helps each and every one of us develop our business and professional skills. She has vision for the organization and has worked tirelessly to bring first rate events to Los Angeles, that are a mixture of education, business, and pleasure.

NLWBA-LA was created and launched in July of 2003 to meet the needs of the growing ranks of Latina Entrepreneurs, Executives and Professionals from the Greater Los Angeles area. They hold social and networking events, educational classes and workshops, and offer support to the individuals involved.

Each year they recognize Latina Entrepreneurs who have done outstanding work in the field and they have become very inclusive of men as well. If you are a Latina starting or nurturing your own business, this is an exciting group to be a part of.

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Zulmara Maria

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