Meditating and the Wandering Mind: how to quiet your mind for meditation

Celebrating Your Divinity

So you have decided you want to try meditation but your mind is constantly wandering and you can’t figure out how to get it back. I have learned 3 things as a wandering mind meditator who now craves meditative time:

  1. It is ok to let your mind wander, that is the inner tension, the inner chatter that needs to be released, listen to it, embrace it, and then let it go ( or not, sometimes, the chatter just needs to be heard).
  2. Use a mantra when you want to bring your mind back–I used, “I am safe, I am loved” and I would try to repeat it 10 times before the chatter started again. I am safe as I breathe in and I am loved as I breath out.
  3. As you get used to breathing, use a breathing guide to keep you centered…I like the following 9 guides, they keep me centered on my big picture goals and what I want to attract into my life in terms of health, abundance, and relationships.

For health, I repeat:

  • Breath in life, breath out toxins
  • Breath in energy, breath out sluggishness
  • Breath in health, breath out sickness

For abundance, I repeat:

  • Breath in light, breath out dark
  • Breath in harmony, breath out disharmony
  • Breath in success, breath out failure

For relationships, I repeat:

  • Breath in abundance, breath out scarcity
  • Breath in love, breath out angst
  • Breath in peace, breath out chaos

Try repeating one, two or three of these as you meditate and start with a count of 10, I guarantee you will be surprised at how hard it is to get to 10 before your mind wanders, just acknowledge the wandering and start counting at one again. Do this enough times and you will get to 10. ONce you get to 10, add another phrase. It can be one of the ones I have shared above, or one that you make up. Just remember, breath in/breath out–breath in/breath out–breath in/breath out. And watch your manifestations go into overdrive.

I will admit it did not happen overnight, but letting your mind wander is how you learn how to eventually quiet your mind. The chatter is not bad, just letting you know that you need to let it run its course and then you will be ready for the powers of meditation to take hold.

Con un pan y cafecito
Seguimos adelante
Zulmara Maria

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