Lorraine Ladish–Mamiverse

Lorraine Ladish—Mamiverse


Lorraine and I go back more than 8 years. We met on MySpace, oh so many years ago, before Facebook had really gotten started, where we would blog and communicate with each other in various different ways. Those days were fun, I had over 10,000 friends on MySpace and was one of the last to make the leap to FB. When I finally did leave MySpace, one of the first friends I had on FB, was Lorraine, we were fast friends back in the day and have remained so for so many years.

Lorraine came into my universe just as I was getting started and formulating this idea of an internet business. I still had no real plan, just “una cosquilla” to create something to express my creativity, to share my insights and my poems, to start blogging. I love writing and blogging came naturally to me, and I had some peeps, like Lorraine who were regular readers who inspired me to keep going, to formulate my ideas, and to learn new technologies.

Lorraine also featured my story, El oso from “Sopa de pollo para la Alma Latina” on a TV spot that she did regularly, for which I was forever grateful. She gave fully of herself asking for nothing in return. She has been a great friend and I had the pleasure of meeting and rooming with her at LATISM13, what a treat, what an honor, what a pleasure.

Lorraine is the editor in chief at Mamiverse. She is also the blogger at?? And she also keeps busy with ?? She is awesome at connecting Latinas everywhere and has been a force in our community of Latina bloggers for many years. I am honored to have her as my friend.

MI amiga, eres muy amable y soy muy afortunada que estas en mi vida.


Con un pan y cafecito

Seguimos adelante,

Zulmara Maria


Thank You

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