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Here is the link to the podcast I did with Armando F. Sanchez Production yesterday regarding Roots y Wings, International Latina Gratitude Day, and Success and Achievement in the Latino Community. Please take a listen and share with your friends…as we spread the word about International Latina Gratitude Day on October 15, 2013!!!
Zulmara Maria is a Latina Inspirational Speaker, Author, Blogger, Entrepreneur
Inspiring Latinas to soar while being culturally rooted. As the Founder at Roots and Wings, Zulmara endeavors to inspire Latinas to grow personally, professionally, and creatively as they tap into the
raices that make them special and develop the alas to help them soar.
She specializes in helping Latinas find their voice, strength, identity and purpose as they pursue their dreams and celebrate their Latinidad. Her writings and teachings are guided by spirit and follow a path for increasing love, abundance, health, and success in life!!!
“Latino Role Model and Success” podcast series
Armando F. Sanchez, Executive Producer and Host
Armando F. Sanchez
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Successful persons are leaders and had to overcome many obstacles in order to succeed.  Show guests highlight what obstacles we can encounter.  Guests offer practical advice and strategies of how to overcome barriers and achieve.
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