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Books: for Pampering your Muse!!!

Books can be very inspirational and the writers who we love can be very inspiring to allow our muse the time, place, and luxury to be in the moment and to discover who we are as artists.

Starting in the month of April, I will go over books that inspire me by author and I will be sending one of these books to a randomly selected group member who posts during the month. I will start with Sark. Her whimsical musings, advice, inspirations, and style are truly inspiring. She reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously…not to limit ourselves with the past, and not to forget to truly pamper our muse and take care of our creative spirit…be it through sleep, writing, playing, reading, or having FUN!!!!

SARK‘s website, Planet SARK is a wonderful cacophony of love, laughter, and being in the moment. Her books are AWESOMALLY inspiring and each and every one of her e-programs are a winner for young artists just starting off and seasoned professionals who just need to feed .

Keep tuning in for specifics on each of Sark’s books and her online courses. One lucky poster will win one of Sark’s treasures by the end of the month. And if you have never read a SARK book, go to a used bookstore and pick one up…you will be hooked on first read.

Y otra vez, gracias for joining me on this journey…

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