Rewrite Your Money Story

Rewrite Your Money Story to Live the Life you Desire

Your money story is the story your subconscious mind tells your conscious mind about money, abundance, riches, wealth, treasures, and living your dreams. Sometimes our money stories underpin the concept that wanting wealth and abundance in our lives is shameful. Sometimes our money stories reinforce the notion that we were not born to be rich or we were born to struggle or that money is hard to come by. Sometimes our abundance stories strengthen the idea that only the rich get richer, it takes money to make money, or only certain people will be so blessed in this lifetime. Your money story is important because it guides your manifestations, creates the foundations for the money that will come into your life, and sets the tone for the dreams, riches, and treasures that will appear in your life.

If you are struggling with manifesting money, wealth, riches, and treasures to the level that you know will serve your highest good, then maybe, just maybe you need to Rewrite your Money Story in order to Rewrite Your Story.

Are you struggling with calling abundance to yoruself? Are you thinking this should be easier? Are you hoping to make manifesting money, riches, wealth, and abundance and wealth easy for you and yours? Are you ready to live in prosperity? Do you want to have a money story that helps your children have wealth mentality growing up? Do you want to avoid the mistakes your parents made with your own children? Are you ready to have prosperity and wealth in your life? Is 2018 your breakthrough year?

If you answered  yes to a number of these questions, maybe it is time for you to rewrite your money story in order to rewrite your story.

Are you ready to hire a coach a coach to help you, but not ready to putin the big bucks? Is yoru time limited so you can’t do a 4 week or 6 week program, but you are feeling a need to get some help with your abundance manifesting?

If you find yourself still reading and you are intrigued and interested, then keep reading.

I am offering a one time, one-on-one lunch, dinner, or recorded conference call to help you understand and rewrite your money story so you can blast, bang, and bust throught your blocks, limiting beleifs, and core values that are getting in the way of you manifesting the abundance that you want and are dreaming of.

In this session, we will understand the money story that you have, the money story that you want and how to bridge the two. I will provide you with strategies for busting through yoru current beliefs and instilling the beliefs that will serve you, your family, and your dreams best.

This session is for the busy, do it yourselfer. I will provide you the tools you need to eradicate your limiting story and instill an abundance story—after we work together to understand, “your” story, how to rewrite it to serve your highest self, and how to bridge the two so you are successful. THIS is NOT a one size fits all program or a group coaching program, but a one-on-one conversation about your current story and your visionary story—and how to bridge the two.

After our conversation, you will have clarity about the money story you have and the money story you want. You will also have 2 written stories—the one you are currently operating with and theone you are going to operate with.

You will also have a list of strategies to help you replace the “old” story with the “new” story.

To sign up for an opportunity to Rewrite Your Money Story/Rewrite Your Story CLICK HERE.

For only $99 you get a one-on-one recorded conference call, lunch or dinner (for So. Cal Residents), a worksbook with exercises for writing and rewriting your story and a series of strategies for bridging your stories.

For signing upfor this Rewrite Your Money Story/Rewrite Your Story you will also get the Celebrating and Embracing Gratitude Trilogy: The Workbook, The Color Book, and the Affirmation and Afformation Book.

This trilolgy which sells for over $50.00 on Amazon is yours FREE when you sign up for the one-on-0ne session. This trilolgy will help you get grounded with a gratitude practice that will make it much easier for you to release old beliefs and instill new beliefs since being in a state of gratitude puts you in a state of receptivity and positivity which helps you open the vortex and be ready to receive what you are dreaming of.

For the low price of $99 you will get a one-on-one coaching session to deal specifically with your current money story and the money story that serves your higher self.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started and let’s get your new money story written so you can start living the life of your dreams with the abundance you deserve.

(Please note: This is NOT a “discovery” call. There will be no upsell at the end of the call and there will be no pitches for other programs. THIS is a true coaching call where everything you need for rewriting and replacing your money story will be provided.)

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