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I am on a mission to help a million DIVAS manifest multi millions!!! 

Millionaire DivaREADY

  • Are you ready to call your divine millions to you?
  • Are you ready to make a million so you can have fun, give back, support, and pay it forward?
  • Are you ready to live in abundance and share that abundance with your friends, family, co-workers, community, and the world?
  • Are you ready to set your intention and take action on calling your millions to you?
  • Are you ready to break through to 7 figures?
  • Are you ready to have the time of your life? Enjoying the journey and reaping the rewards?

If you said, YES!!!! then keep reading.

The Millionaire DIVA Club is a place to be with like-minded individuals to learn how to easily, and with more fun than should be allowed, to call your millions to you.

 As a part of this club, you will learn: 

  • How to vibrate at your personal millionaire energy level—yes, this is different for all of us.
  • How to flip your thoughts and beliefs about money and millions
  • How to fine tune your relationship with money to call your millions to you—with ease
  • How to get rid of any blocks you have about money so it flows to you quickly, with effortlessly, and no stress
  • How to live the life of your dreams with fun, bliss, and pleasure
  • How to recognize and give thanks for your blessings and miracles
  • How to magnetize your energy field to call your millions to you
  • How to take the struggle out of making money
  • How to enjoy the life you have as you build the life you want

Millionaire Diva Club 1My methods are unique, my methods are different, and my methods are easy to use and they WORK…you will find money flowing to you quickly and easily…just for the imagining and visualizing!!! You will learn how to rid yourself of limiting beliefs with a series of simple exercises and you will learn how to vibrate in the millionaire zone that is uniquely yours.

  • If you are ready to start living in abundance and start calling your millions to you,
  • If you are ready to make a commitment to your purpose and vision
  • If you are ready to share your wealth and abundance with others
  • If you are ready to take action in the direction of your dream life
  • If you are ready for 7 figures
  • If you are ready to be a Millionaire DIVA—then let’s get started!!! 

For only $99 you will get the full break through self-paced online course for the Millionaire DIVAS…This do it yourself class comes as a 6 session packet that you go through at your own pace.

This online course has the same ground breaking multi-sensory materials as the face-to-face course, with some added modifications and a few specializations for the online environment!!!

You will also be added to the SECRET Facebook group where we share our successes and support one another. In this unique program, all the Millionaire DIVAS are helping each other hit the millionaire mark, you will never be alone and you will never be on your own, you will have your posse with you at all times!!! 

Millionaire Diva Online Course Package

In addition, you will receive the following online bonuses:

 Bonus #1…My ebook: Living the Law of Attraction as a Lifestyle Choice where I tell my story of manifesting a million and my millions that are on their way. A $9.99 value: FREE

 Bonus #2…Two of my Guided Poetry Journals: My Life is My Message: 1 & 2 a $29.99 value: FREE

 Bonus #3…Access to the $6000 Online Guided Support class with a deferred payment plan…you pay when you are READY and your MILLIONS are flowing to you…if you purchase the book today, you will automatically be enrolled in this class and you will be able to take it anytime you are ready!!! This course sells out quickly, but all the DIVAS who purchase today, will have first come service when the course is offered. The next one will be starting at the beginning of 2015. (Regularly offered for $9,000 deferred payment plan)

Bonus #4…Two discounted tickets…one for you and one for your friend… to attend the first Millionaire DIVA LIVE event in Los Angeles. The tickets for this event will be sold for $250 each, but you and a friend will be able to attend for just $49.99 each…if you purchase the groundbreaking Millionaire DIVA online program today…this is a VERY SPECIAL offer being made only to those who purchase the program today…through this telesummit…this offer will not be made anywhere else or with any other program. Only the online participants will get the discounted tickets for the LIVE event!!! That is a $400 savings for you and a friend to attend the LIVE event in Los Angeles!!!

Sign up today and begin your journey to a MILLION!!! Living in abundance is truly all it is cracked up to be!!! Join me and a million other DIVAS in manifesting your millions to you and don’t be left behind!!!

The journey to a million dollars begins with the first step. Click here and start your journey today!!!

Millionaire Diva Online Course Package

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