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I am on a mission to help a million make a million!!!

Millionaire Diva Club Inaugural Launch


Are you ready to call your divine millions to you?

Are you ready to make a million so you can have fun, give back, support, and pay it forward?

Are you ready to live in abundance and share that abundance with your friends, family, co-workers, community, and the world?

Are you ready to set your intention and take action on calling your millions to you? Are you ready to break through to 7 figures?

If you said, YES!!!! then keep reading.

The Millionaire Diva Club is a place to be with like-minded individuals to learn how to easily and with more fun than should be allowed to call your millions to you.

As a part of this club, you will learn

  • How to vibrate at your personal millionaire energy level—yes, this is different for all of us.
  • How to flip your thoughts and beliefs about money and millions
  • How to fine tune your relationship with money to call your millions to you—with ease
  • How to get rid of any blocks you have about money so it flows to you quickly, with effortlessly, and no stress
  • How to live the life of your dreams with fun, bliss, and pleasure
  • How to give thanks for your blessing and miracles
  • How to magnetize your energy field to call your millions to you
  • How to take the struggle out of making money

If you are ready to join the club and you are intrigued and are now thinking…ok, how much is this going to cost me? How much is this program that sounds too good to be true and can I afford it?

YES!!! the program is expensive and

YES!!! You can afford it.

The cost of the program is $12,000 to become a lifelong member of the club. For $12,000 you get:

1)   a 6 week session where you will learn how to call your millions to you

2)   3 coaching calls to personally deal with your issues and concerns (could also be breakfast or lunch)

3)   all the materials and tools you need to transform your relationship with money so that the money is flowing to you

4)   a list of resources that will help you and support you on your journey

5)   group coaching on starting your million dollar business and living your bliss

6)   access to Millionaire Diva Retreats, Cruises, and Getaways

7)   access to special professional development courses

8)   virtual support and resources, for yourself and to share with others

9)   an AWESOME support group of other MILLIONAIRE DIVAS who are doing the same thing

I will show you how to be a MILLIONAIRE DIVA!!! For a mere $12,000!!! Yes, I did say “mere” $12,000 because when you are a MILLIONAIRE DIVA, $12,000 is a drop in your bucket.

Now $12,000 is not a lot of money to show you how to become a Millionaire and live the life of your dreams…however, if you don’t have $12,000…then it is insurmountable…I know, I have read these offers before!!! And thought, sounds good, but I don’t have the $100, $1000, or even $50 right now!!!

However, I have a 21st century deal for you…that is totally unique and totally based on my faith in you and in ME…if this message resonates with you and you have read this far…then I believe you are a good match for this program!!!

My deal is—the program costs $12,000 to be paid when your money starts flowing to you. You can sign up for this club, get ALL the benefits and ALL the learning and start calling your money to you. When your money starts flowing, then you can pay me the $12,000…in increments of hundreds or thousands or even the full $12,000 when it is as easy for you to write a $100,000 check as it is for you to write a $12,000 check.

AND, because I truly believe in ME, my methods, and what I have to offer, my promise to you is that you will NEVER receive a bill from me, I will NEVER come asking you for the $12,000, I will NEVER say, “You owe me $12,000.”

As a matter of fact, if you believe in you and decide you want to work with me and join my Millionaire DIVAS, we will enter into a contract where I promise you that I will never come asking for money and you will pay it when you are living in abundance!!!

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, it is more than too good to be true. It is the answer to your prayers, it is the Universe responding to your intention to live in abundance, it is the Universe conspiring on your behalf. Because I truly believe that this message will only resonate with those who are READY to call their millions to them. For those who have set the intention of living in abundance and for those who are truly committed to their own vision and their own purpose.

Why am I doing this? Because my mission, my purpose, my vision is to help a million make a million. I am on a mission to change the world and I know my Millionaire Divas, with the unique millionaire training I have to offer, will be the driving force that changes the world.

I also BELIEVE so deeply in my program, I BELIEVE so deeply in what I have to offer that I know you will make a million and that you will pay me…without me ever having to send you a bill or a reminder. I know what I have to offer is of value and that those that work with me will touch lives untold and my Millionaire Divas will change the world.

I do ask for a $20 a class materials fee that is paid at each session. This is paid on your honor at the course. You can pay it all at once, $20 at a time, or when you are living in abundance. This is to offset my out of pocket costs for hosting the meetings, however, I sooo believe in MY program and MY methods that at the meeting, there will be a jar for the $20 and I will not even keep track of who pays and who doesn’t. DIVAS, this is truly a program based on karmic trust. I know those of you who can will pay, those of you who can’t will pay when you can…and I will cover you until you are ready to pay.

My methods are unique, my methods are different, and my methods are easy to use and they WORK…you will find money flowing to you quickly and easily…just for the imagining and visualizing!!!

  • If you are ready to start living in abundance and start calling your millions to you,
  • If you are ready to make a commitment to your purpose and vision
  • If you are ready to share your wealth and abundance with others
  • If you are ready to take action in the direction of your dream life
  • If you are ready for 7 figures
  • If you are ready to be a Millionaire Diva—then click here and let’s get started!!!

Then join the inaugural DIVAS HERE.

If you are still wondering, don’t despair, this is NOT a once in a lifetime offer, I will be back, I will make this offer again and again and again and when you are ready, you will know it, feel it and be ready for it. So click HERE if you are ready to get started calling your millions to you.

If you are on the fence and want more information, please feel free to email me with the subject line: Millionaire Diva at zulmaramaria@gmail.com

An online version of this course will be offered in the fall of 2014, so stay tuned if you cannot attend the face-to-face course.

For those of you who are ready, I will see you on July 19, 2014 for our Club Launch. Be sure to grab your spot and get ready to be AMAZED!!!

 Sign up today to secure your spot!!! There will only be 15 DIVAS in this inaugural class. Click HERE to sign up.

Don’t be left out of this unique and AWESOME club to help you make a million and start having fun, giving back, supporting causes, and living the life of your dreams!!!

(online version for my virtual friends to be released in fall 2014)

Course Schedule:

Session 1Dancing, Singing, and Laughing: Life’s Dance Awaits You
 Session 2Ask and It Shall Be Given
Session 3Chill and Relax…Chillax
Session 4Mastering the Flow
 Session 5Think-Believe-Act


 Session 6Transforming in Two Steps: Mind and Body





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