Celebrating Your Successes

Celebrating Your Successes

October 9, 2014

Just as it is important to chart your course, it is also important to celebrate your successes with high fives, cake, green tea, chocolate, or a perfect chai latte. Un pan y cafecito does not hurt either. It is all about what makes you feel good and how you pamper yourself. Make sure you recognize your mini-manifestations*, recognize your bonos**, and always, always, always count your blessings. Listen to your divine self as she tells you every morning or every evening that you are the most AWESOME being who walks the earth today, that your life matters to many, and that you do make a difference with your presence…daily. The daily message feels like a hug…just for you from you…making you smile, in spite of yourself, because you recognize the truth in the statements.

Your chosen journey should fill you with AWE, love of self, moments of glory, and remarkable energy. Your heart should be so full of love and joy that it is bursting at the seams, and your spirit should be dancing to your heartsong. This journey should set your soul on fire. So light a candle, make a wish, and dream soooo big, it scares you with the possibilities.

Con un pan y cafecito,

Seguimos adelante,

Zulmara Maria


IMG_0441*Mini-Manifestations: this is when you manifest something small, like a parking spot, the perfect dress for an event, the perfect pair of earrings to match the dress you just bought, or the perfect place to meet a friend.

**Bono: Bonos are “bonuses or prizes” that you give yourself, in what could otherwise be a not so good situation. For example, when you are stuck in traffic and think…”Bono” time, I can call my sister. When your spouse is late, “Bono time, I can catch up on FB.” When you are waiting for a reservation, “Bono time, I get to window shop.” Bono time is the art of vibrating positive energy all the time, no matter what, so you find the silver lining in every cloud.


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