The RiseUp Leaders Meet

Bottomless Mimosas and Frida Kahlo


The RiseUp Leaders met for bottomless mimosas, brunch, and a leadership session on Frida Kahlo. We then went to MOLAA to see the display of Frida’s photographs. It was a great afternoon and a big thank you to Gina Linn for the leadership session based how our childhood lives shaped our current selves and Olivia, for the great idea.

Stay tuned for our next event and join the RiseUp Leaders, we are making an impact!!!

The 9 RiseUp Leaders...what an AWESOME group!!!

The 9 RiseUp Leaders…what an AWESOME group!!!


Sooo excited to see such a large group waiting to get in to see Frida. Our community is empowered!!!


If you have not been, treat yourself to MOLAA today!!!

Latinologues—Hilarious, Funny, and AWE Inspiring



Latinologues Comes to Boyle Heights

Last night there was laughter in the CASA…CASA 0101, that is, when the talented Latino youth of Los Angeles took the stage in Latinologues and brought down the house. They hit is out of the park with their funny, provocative, and perfect interpretations of the original Latinologues. Now, I say perfect because for me, it was perfect, although I have never seen the original logues, I know these were a perfect interpretation, because they were authentic for the actors and the audience. The hilarious renditions left the audience in stitches and we were laughing with tears in our eyes as the actors acted out the skits from the original Latinologues.

True to style and form, Rick’s writing doesn’t just tell it like it is, but invite us to think deeply about issues that can seem so black and white. Like when Buford Gomez realizes that the immigrant crossing the border and dead by the side of the ride, looks just like him, could have been him, but for the grace of God. The vignettes, both in Latinologues and Almost White, although delivered with humor, ask us to reflect on the deeper issues in society. Ask us to think before jumping to conclusions. For example, Rick is chastised for not speaking Spanish throughout his life and he handles it well, but few bother to find out why and how difficult of a decision it was for his family to make that decision and why they did it.

Subtly, Rick asks us to walk in the shoes of another, before passing judgement, before commenting, before deciding that we know the answer, the cause, the way, or the solution. These vignettes are not written by a Latino for Latinos, they written by a Latino for everyone. They inspire and make you think, think about life, think about individuals, think about how we are more the same than different.

If you are ever fortunate enough to have a chance to see Almost White or Latinologues, I hope you take the opportunity to go and see what all the hype is about. You will not be disappointed.

Con un pan y cafecito,
Seguimos adelante,
Zulmara Maria

Me and Rick


My son and his partner


Rick signing a book for my son


Laugh, smile, sing: You ARE divine!!!


Having taken part in the first week of the Deepak and Oprah meditation challenge, I must say that I am feeling the effects of inner peace, love, and abundance. I am lovin this mediation challenge and feeling like I just want to laugh, smile, and sing in my divinity.

Yesterday, a friend, Melinda, posted: Our colonizers made us forget our divine nature but we are remembering, and the thougth just stayed with me and resonated all day. Yes, we are remembering and I have to ask, what does that remembering mean to you?

To me it means that I know I am a divine being, here for a purpose, that abundance is my birthright and I stand tall before my friends and family, inspiring them to go within and capture the divine that is a part of who they are.Abrazos Subscribe

Con un pan y cafecito,
Seguimos adelante,
Zulmara Maria
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