Reclaiming Your Divinity

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Women of Distinction

Women Leading the Way, Breaking Stereotypes, and Challenging Perceptions

I had the privilege of being honored at the Women of Distinction Awards on Saturday, May 31, 2014 by Senator Lara. It was a beautiful ceremony and Elinor Otto, one of the original Rosie the Riverters was our honored guest. We had a wonderful high tea, tea with sandwiches, small deserts, and scones. It was wonderful and I was truly honored to be a part of such a distinguished group of women. Triple Kudos to Senator Lara for his vision and foresight in pulling all of this together.

Otra vez, gracias a todos

Con un pan y cafecito,
Seguimos adelante,
Zulmara Maria
Our wonderful food!!!

Our wonderful food!!!


The beautiful awards!!!


With Senator Lara


The honored women


Me and my boys. Thanks for being my cheering team!!!




Find love no matter where you are this weekend!!!!

Have a great fun filled, family friendly, memorial day!!!

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Seguimos adelante
Zulmara Maria

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Latinologues in Los Angeles–Don’t Miss History in the Making

Saturday Night at CASA 0101-Latinologues starring

Rick Najera

Latinologues the Broadway hit written by and starring Rick Najera will be coming to Los Angeles for a one night debut. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of history in the making.

On Saturday night at CASA 0101, the audience is in for a very special evening when Rick Najera performs Almost White and is then joined by talented colleagues to perform Latinologues. Latinologues were first seen on Broadway, where Rick wrote and performed with his fellow actors. In Latinologues, we meet Buford Gomez and life on the border, we visit the Chicano barrios of Los Angeles, and get a first look at the latino immigrant in the streets of New York.

Performed with his now famous, Almost White, this promises to be an evening full of fun, laughter, and tears. Rick will leave you thinking and wondering about the role of Latinos in the United States, at the border and in towns all along the way. He shares a rich humanist experience that is no just for Latinos, but for all of us who see ourselves as living la vida loca.

Con un pan y cafecito,
Seguimos adelante,
Zulmara Maria



Rick Najera Extended for one More Weekend at Casa 0101

Almost White Extended for One More Weekend

LatinologuesRick Najera’s Almost White has been extended for one more weekend, May 9, 10, and 11th. We will have another opportunity to see this master storyteller, tell his stories and masterfully relate those stories to the realities in which we live. You will laugh, cry, and just feel good about being a Latino/a in these United States. You will know begging to truly understand why we are not quite white, no quite black and considered “almost white” as you listen to theses stories of hope, dreams, redemption, and surviving to the point of thriving. 

If you have not planned a Mother’s Day gift yet, give mom the gift of love and laughter and you will truly have a magical weekend with her. At CASA 101 in Boyle Heights, this show is truly a gem.

Here you can listen to Rick Najera and producer Gina Linn discuss the play and what is in store for the audiences. Don’t miss out on this special gift that Rick is giving to all of us.

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Zulmara Maria

It’s All in Your Heartsong

Reclaiming Your Divinity Latina Women

Motivating and Inspiring Music

As a coach for Infinite Possibilities, I use music in my workshops and courses, which is a very fundamental practice among IPPIES (Infinite Possibilities Trainers). Music has a way of lifting your soul, touching your spirit, and opening your heart.

I have a group of songs that inspire and motivate me that I listen to when I am releasing my passions, connecting with my purpose, and lovin my life. Some of these songs are also a part of my coaching practice, my presentations, and workshops. And as part of the curriculum, there is a provocative question to help individuals truly make a heartfelt connection with the lyrics and the message in the songs.

I have started gathering these inspirational and motivational songs on a YouTube playlist so many of you can have easy access to them and find some of the most inspiring songs on my playlist. Hopefully, these will help you connect to your heartsong, your inner motivation, your DIVINE Self.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and start enjoyin these words to inspire your soul and feed your spirit.

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Zulmara Maria
Women Empowerment

Life’s Magic is Within You



Who are you touching with your life’s magic today? Who is going to feel the power of your love? Who is going to be uplifted by all that you have to offer?

As you discover your purpose and learn to live the law of attraction as a lifestyle choice, you will find that you naturally engage in random acts of kindness, give back, pay it forward, and support those you love, those you have not even met, those who need your light just for the giving.

So go ahead and start today by touching someone with your magic. The rewards are endless. Miracles happen everyday!!!

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Zulmara Maria
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Divinity Chant

Divinity Chant Photo

Get the drumbeat going and chant your divinity. You will be amazed how saying this chant out loud as you leave the house or get up in the morning or take a break at work…can change your mood, make you happy, and let your empowerment flow…just knowing you are DIVINE…no matter what the situation you are in…will help you FEEL the power of your own divinity!!!

Now, let’s get LOUD and CHANT our DIVINITY to the stars and skies above. They are truly listening!!! Go ahead, reclaim your divinity. las posibilidades son infinitas!!!

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Zulmara Maria
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Laugh, smile, sing: You ARE divine!!!


Having taken part in the first week of the Deepak and Oprah meditation challenge, I must say that I am feeling the effects of inner peace, love, and abundance. I am lovin this mediation challenge and feeling like I just want to laugh, smile, and sing in my divinity.

Yesterday, a friend, Melinda, posted: Our colonizers made us forget our divine nature but we are remembering, and the thougth just stayed with me and resonated all day. Yes, we are remembering and I have to ask, what does that remembering mean to you?

To me it means that I know I am a divine being, here for a purpose, that abundance is my birthright and I stand tall before my friends and family, inspiring them to go within and capture the divine that is a part of who they are.Abrazos Subscribe

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Seguimos adelante,
Zulmara Maria

Meditating and the Wandering Mind: how to quiet your mind for meditation

Celebrating Your Divinity

So you have decided you want to try meditation but your mind is constantly wandering and you can’t figure out how to get it back. I have learned 3 things as a wandering mind meditator who now craves meditative time:

  1. It is ok to let your mind wander, that is the inner tension, the inner chatter that needs to be released, listen to it, embrace it, and then let it go ( or not, sometimes, the chatter just needs to be heard).
  2. Use a mantra when you want to bring your mind back–I used, “I am safe, I am loved” and I would try to repeat it 10 times before the chatter started again. I am safe as I breathe in and I am loved as I breath out.
  3. As you get used to breathing, use a breathing guide to keep you centered…I like the following 9 guides, they keep me centered on my big picture goals and what I want to attract into my life in terms of health, abundance, and relationships.

For health, I repeat:

  • Breath in life, breath out toxins
  • Breath in energy, breath out sluggishness
  • Breath in health, breath out sickness

For abundance, I repeat:

  • Breath in light, breath out dark
  • Breath in harmony, breath out disharmony
  • Breath in success, breath out failure

For relationships, I repeat:

  • Breath in abundance, breath out scarcity
  • Breath in love, breath out angst
  • Breath in peace, breath out chaos

Try repeating one, two or three of these as you meditate and start with a count of 10, I guarantee you will be surprised at how hard it is to get to 10 before your mind wanders, just acknowledge the wandering and start counting at one again. Do this enough times and you will get to 10. ONce you get to 10, add another phrase. It can be one of the ones I have shared above, or one that you make up. Just remember, breath in/breath out–breath in/breath out–breath in/breath out. And watch your manifestations go into overdrive.

I will admit it did not happen overnight, but letting your mind wander is how you learn how to eventually quiet your mind. The chatter is not bad, just letting you know that you need to let it run its course and then you will be ready for the powers of meditation to take hold.

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Zulmara Maria

Addicted to Meditation

Inspiring Your Divinity


How do you get addicted to meditation?

You start meditating everyday and soon you will find yourself craving that time to go inside and be silent.

Today starts the FREE 21 day meditation from Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey. I have signed up and I am looking forward to it. I have found meditation to be almost addictive to me and I am craving time to go within. However, there was time I could not meditate because my mind was too wired and going at such a fast pace, I did not know how to quiet my mind, so meditating was not for me. Then I started doing Leela on the Wii and it is fantastic. Now I crave meditations and I totally look forward to my meditation time. I am finding that I need that time alone, to go inside and to get still and I have noticed my flow and my energy. I am vibrating my energy and flow all day long.

So give this free 21 meditation a try, you might find that it is just what your Divine Self ordered!!!

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Zulmara Maria
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