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The Care and Feeding of the Muse

The Care and Feeding of the Muse

How do you care and feed your muse? Better yet, when your muse needs pampering, what do you do? How do you unsilence your muse? What do those silences tell you?

For the most part, to get to a sense of serenity and creativity our muse needs to be well fed and well supported. We need to be able to turn inward and connect with our emotions so our creative lives can be expressive, authentic, and genuine. Our art is profoundly affected by the mood of our muse and what the muse needs to be in that place of serenity where creativity can flourish. So how do we get there?

Well first of all, a silent muse is the sign that something is not right in our world. That there is too much stress, too much negative energy, too much wearing us down, too much mind chatter and not enough lifting us up. At times we may just need some extra sleep, a relaxing evening with a caring loved one, a night out with our friends, or some time alone. Sometimes our muse is calling out for physical activity and we need to go on a series of walks, take a hike, go on a bike ride, go swimming, or join a Zumba class.
But, there are other times when wine and chocolate won’t do the trick and these are the most trying times. These are the times when we need to do something more drastic and creative to get the muse going. This is we feel we are dry and empty and need to fill up. This is when we have to break free of our editor and monitor and just get back to our craft—be it writing, singing, composing, conducting, sculpting, painting, or imagining. This is when we need to get a reality check and imagine the possibilities and create without a monitor, create for the sake of creating and honoring that within us that needs a place for self-expression. This is when we need to reach for our morning pages and write what is eating us, what is blocking us, what is keeping our muse silent and trapped. Or this is when we need a trip to the Bahamas!!!

May your muse be cared for, today and everyday!!!

Con un pan y cafecito, seguimos adelante

Journaling for New Latina Renewal Challenge

Journal your way to success…the New Latina Renewal Challenge

I was sooo excited when I got the first packet from the New Latina Challenge. I was celebrating my birthday in the Bahamas when the first one was emailed to us and I quickly opened it and got excited. It reinforced so much of what I had just been doing. I loved it. I loved the idea of shedding and out with the old and in with the new. I had just hosted our annual White Elephant gift exchange and put together two sister boxes and was working on a third, so I knew I was making room for the new and shedding the old and the feeling was good.

But what really excited me was the opportunity to use my special journal. You see, I collect journals and I have many of them lying around and I look for an opportunity to use my very special journals for special occasions.

Last year, I was blessed to have been specially made, three beautiful journals by the very talented Mia…(

One was for my son and two were for me and I was waiting for a special writing opportunity to use these very beautiful journals and what better occasion than the New Latina Renewal Challenge. I chose the EMPOWER journal and I am very excited about filling it with my thoughts, and quotes, and anything notes. Thank you, New Latina for the opportunity and mil gracias to Mia for the beautiful journal that inspires me to write and fill the pages with feeling of love, challenge, renewal, and taking the next step. And mil gracias to New Latina for the inspiration!!!

If you have not found the time or the wherewithal to start your journaling to a new you, maybe you need to go SHOPPING for that very special place where you can write and feel inspired to put pen to paper!!!!

Con un pan y cafecito,
Seguimos adelante

The Sister Box

A caixa de irmãs/The Sister Box

Yesterday, I posted how I shedded with White Elephant Gifts…I also do a Sister Box with my sisters on a regular basis, which is a shedding, cleansing, renewal, and keeping in touch tradition all in one. This is something we started after the holidays, after saying our good-byes and missing each other. Parting is such sweet sorrow. It is always a bitter sweet parting, we love those who live farand have a hard time being away from them, but life and living get in the wayof us being together regularly.

Our sister box became a way of staying in touch and sharing a part of our lives with each other. Our Sister BoxTradition helps us keep in touch during those times in between the holidays.We start by having one of us fill a box with lots of goodies. They can be new,old, for someone special, or just ‘cositias’ to put in the box. And we mail it to onesister with cards in it for all the other sisters. Then we go around and when eachperson receives the box, they take out anything that is for them, anything elsethey want from the box, and then they fill it with their treasures and sendonto the next sister. And the box makes it way around. It is a fun way to stay connected and stay in touch–and do a cleansing where you know your treasures are being shared. Wehave so much fun with our caixa de irmãs, that we are always looking forward to getting the next box. It does not always work as planned and sometimes, wehave a sister who hangs on to long, but in the end, we just start the fun all over again.

We have recently started including our daughtersand they are having so much fun and we are teaching the cousins how to stay intouch, no matter what.

This fits in really well with cleansing and shedding…you can fill a box with the treasures you are ready to part with and send it to a few friends, family members, and others who may like to play and keep in touch.

Adds a nice tradition for shedding, so you are making way for the new on a regular basis, having a lot of fun, and keeping in touch…all with one activity!!!!

What fun and interesting ways do you have for staying intouch with your family?
Con un pany cafecito,

My Answers to Proust Questionnaire…

Myresponses to the Proust Questionnaire (See Previous Post)

  • What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
Tolose a child

  • Where would you like to live?

    • In Los Angeles, where I am living

  • What is your idea of earthly happiness?

    • Living in such a way that I do what I love and love what I do—living the writerly life

  • To what faults do you feel most indulgent?

    • Chocolate

  • Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?

    • Santiago from The Alchemist

  • Who are your favorite characters in history?

    • Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Susan B. Antohony

  • Who are your favorite heroines in real life?

    • My mother—a beautiful soul who graced this earth for a short period of time

    • My Aunt—a deep soul who graces this earth still

  • Who are your favorite heroines of fiction?

    • Scarlet O’Hara from Gone with the Wind

  • Your favorite painter?

    • Frida and Deigo

  • Your favorite musician?

    • Gloria Estefan

  • The quality you most admire in a man?

    • Creativity, ambition, motivation

  • The quality you most admire in a woman?

    • Intelligence, creativity, motivation

  • Your favorite virtue?

    • Justice

  • Your favorite occupation?

    • Writing, Inspiring, Motivating others

  • Who would you have liked to be?

    • Me, Myself, and I

Proust Questionnaire

In her book, “Stepping Out of Line”  Nellanswers the Proust questionnaire with her own answers as a way of discoveringinsights into her personality. I am reprinted here the Proust questionnairewith Proust’s answers. (To see Nell’s answer you will have to look into herbook.)

This is aquestionnaire that allows us to look deep into ourselves and see what resonateswith us and what makes us tick. Take a minute to answer the Proust questions, your answers may surprise you and offer some insights into your nest steps, overcoming obstacles, understaning what makes you tick, or just be a reflective exercise helping you get in touch with the inner you.

The ProustQuestionnaire

  • What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
To be separated fromMama

  • Where would you like to live?
In the country of theIdeal, or, rather, of my ideal

  • What is your idea of earthly happiness?
To live in contactwith those I love, with the beauties of nature, with a quantity of books andmusic, and to have, within easy distance, a French theater

  • To what faults do you feel most indulgent?
To a life deprived ofthe works of genius

  • Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?
Those of romance andpoetry, those who are the expression of an ideal rather than an imitation ofthe real

  • Who are your favorite characters in history?
A mixture ofSocrates, Pericles, Mahomet, Pliny the Younger and Augustin Thierry

  • Who are your favorite heroines in real life?
A woman of geniusleading an ordinary life

  • Who are your favorite heroines of fiction?
Those who are morethan women without ceasing to be womanly; everything that is tender, poetic,pure and in every way beautiful

  • Your favorite painter?

  • Your favorite musician?

  • The quality you most admire in a man?
Intelligence, moralsense

  • The quality you most admire in a woman?
Gentleness,naturalness, intelligence

  • Your favorite virtue?
All virtues that arenot limited to a sect: the universal virtues

  • Your favorite occupation?
Reading, dreaming,and writing verse

  • Who would you have liked to be?
Since the questiondoes not arise, I prefer not to answer it. All the same, I should very muchhave liked to be Pliny the Younger

Book Recommendations!!!

Books Recommended by Nell…

Julie Stav…our own Suzie Orman…

The One Page Business Plan-
Before you can make it happen, you have to create it…

Stepping Out of Line:
Nell’s great book on making it

How to Grow a Business

Starting a business can be exciting and fun and full of creative energy. Growing a business takes time, dedication and perserverance…here are some gems from Nell Merlino shared with us at the Coca-Cola Tour: ADELANTE Conference…
Here is Nell…according to Zee…
How to grow a business…

·         Tell people what you want and what you need

·         Mobilize who you know…One person can only do so much…Rely on your friends and networks

·         Grow your own networks…

·         Work with a partner…work with a buddy

·         Think about solving a problem…

·         You don’t have to do it all yourself

·         Expand your product line

·         How is your product different? What is it that you and only you can do? What else can I turn over and who can I turn it over to?

·         Think about expanding your capacity for growth

·         You are the Boss

·         Add to your resume

·         So many examples of things you can make

·         How do you expand? Is it still yours?

·         How do you broker the opportunities?

·         Give voice to the voice you have found
  • Start with the end in mind…let your imagination run wild

Expect resistance…Listen for the spark of truth…Listen for the valuable message…Listen to the naysayers…what are they saying that you need to be aware of…

What would work? Use the info…Mobilize people, You have to be ready…let them know you are launching…go find customers…they need to know what you are…they need to know what you do, they need to know why you and not your competitor?

Write it down…make it happen…

Create a tornado of activity…

What are you going to do right now…today to move forward…

The sooner you do it, the sooner it can happen…

Are you being trained to be small??

Selling or creating or expanding…strategic partnerships

A little talking…a little writing

Who can you work with…

Tell people what you need

An extraordinary journey…just decide that this is where you want to be…

Pearls from Nely

Pearls from Nely Galan

Split Personality…how do we merge our 2 sides…how do I find a better me, the real me, the hidden me, the hyphenated me…the and/both me…how do I craft the identity of the me and who I want to be?
Fear and failure are your best friends
Grow everyday by any means necessary
We all need mentors…connect…
Honor your little girl. What are the unresolved issues? How can I be the best mom to that little girl?
Life is about stages…you do not have to prove yourself…over and over again…
Be kind to yourself…you are enough as you are!!!

Top 10 Gems for Dealing with Obstacles

1.       Make fear and failure your best friends…reframe failure , if you are not failing, you will never succeed
2.       It is never too late the right the wrongs of your life…honor your pain
3.       There is no Prince Charming…no one is on the earth to save you…
4.       Sometimes, when you win, you lose and sometimes when you lose you win…
5.       In your deepest pain is the answer to your purpose and who you are meant to be…take your pain and turn it into work and the work is transcendent…use your shadow material to create your life’s work
6.       Follow your bliss…but have a back-up plan to keep making money
7.       There is darkness before there is light…you will always be tested
8.       Maintenance…put yourself first…
9.       Being Latina is the Best of both worlds…Know how to give…and how to receive
10.   Happiness is…being self-actualized…having the tools to do it…take small actions…-little things will make you successful

If you have not seen Nely’s book, check it out here:

How to be a Chingona in 10 Easy Steps

How to be a Chingona in 10 Easy Steps

by Sandra Cisneros as interpreted by

Here is my list from the wonderful talk that Sandra gave us at the Coca-Cola ADELANTE Tour. Sandra had the ideas, but this is my own interpretation of her inspiration, I am sure many of us took many different things from that day, depending on where we are at!!!

·        Live for your own approval
·        Time is your most valuable gift
·        Cover your own Power…
·        Find true humility
·        Keep your word
·        Address your pain
·        Be one with your actions—your only truepossessions are your actions
·        Seek forgiveness
·        Live in the present moment
·        Go back to a scene of trauma—Depression has apurpose—use it to go to the light
·        Listen to your body…when you are sick, yourbody is telling you something
·        Get out of the way of the light
·        Research your history…create your 10×10
·        Create rituals
·        Discover the sacred
·        Wear something that empowers you

Call your ancestors…


Roots and Wings!!!

Coca-Cola Tour ADELANTE

Quips and Quotes and anything notes

We do it for ourchildren

We do it for ourfamilies

We will become…

                A national voice…about ourshared values

                Our voices will be heard…wewill be the experts on Nightline, CNN, Fox News,

We are starting amovement

We would all berich if we bought from each other

Let’s begin theconversation

The chosen ones arethe ones who choose

Come to benourished…then to give from your overflow

Your jewels

Your riches

Your causes…yourvalues what you believe in

I tell my own truth

This is mypath…and I am going to follow my own path…in the formation of my Latina identity…
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