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My LIfe is My Message 1

My Life is My Message
Singing, loving, dancing, creating
These are the actions
defining my Life,
signifying who I am
my reason
my message
my purpose
for through my life one
can discern
who I am meant to be
and what I am meant to accomplish
My Life IS my message

© Zulmara Maria

  My LIfe is My Message 2

The foundation of what is possible
Is only limited by the constraints of
Our imagination
As we ponder

A restructured society which allows us
…To be what we choose
…Reach for the impossible
…Hope for the best within ourselves
… Voice with understanding
…See with clarity

Within the vitality of our journey
lies the path
of least resistance

© Zulmara Maria

Hyphenated Me

I cannot reconcile myself
to being
just my American me or
just my Brazilian me.
I need to be
my hyphenated me-
In order to grow
into the essence
of the true me

© Zulmara Maria

Hyphenated Me 2

Would you still choose
To come to a place like this

If you knew that this place
Would not allow you to be the
Person you were meant to be

If you knew that this place
Would not allow you to be
The person of your birth

If you knew that this place would
Ask that you become a shell
Of the person you were
destined to be?

© Zulmara Maria

Control is an Illusion

The Essence of Our Existence
In our attempt to get
to the root of our being
the essence of our existence

Do we form and mold
to who we wish to be?

Or do we mold and form into
who they wish us to be?

Do we have a choice?
Is that choice real?

© Zulmara Maria

Control is an Illusion 2

Control is an Illusion
Control is an illusion
There is a universal hand
that will not be denied
There is a greater plan
Waiting to unfold
There is a homecoming
that is destined.

Our choices
Our desires
Our dreams
Our wishes
Are all a part of the plan
Are all a piece of the puzzle
Dictated by the person
That I am!!

© Zulmara Maria

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