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Living the Law of Attraction: Envisioning Your Millions

The Journey to a Million Dollars Begins with the First Step

(Adapted from Jeanna Gabellini)

When we are working on manifesting our wealth, there are as many paths to success as there are individuals manifesting their success. I am a firm believer in using as many senses to manifesting as you can…anything that gets you in the right frame of mind, will make a difference and anything that engages all of your senses will make a difference. So affirmations are GREAT!!! Affirmations in a schematic of your journey are on STEROIDS, because you have used, not only your listening and hearing abilities, but your spatial abilities to reach your goal. If you engage your inner child, have fun, and get into the moment: that is PRICELESS!!!  Just have fun and draw your path…and mark your goals, mini-manis, fun to do’s along the way…with your favorite affirmations and you are truly on your way to reaching the results that you want.

So here is a picture that one of the Millionaire Divas, Zani, completed…



A mountain with a pinnacle, a path, a cloud, a title, and a few markers along the way. And the advantage, using a different part of the brain, engaging your inner child, coloring, drawing with wild abandon…thinking like a 5 year old, and getting into the vortex and raising the vibrational energy by getting in the zone of creativity. Yes, it does not get much better than this. When you put your goals to paper with fun, playfulness, and vision, you are sending powerful messages to the Universe about being ready to attract your millions and having FUN while you are doing it. You will be vibrating at the level that really makes a difference.

Some Affirmations to get you started:

  • I make money swiftly and easily.
  • I love money and money loves me
  • My riches increase quickly
  • I intentionally and knowledgeably invest
  • I build my financial empire consciously and responsibly
  • My wisdom is the foundation of my wealth
  • I am expanding and growing my wealth daily
  • I am a money magnet
  • My money provides resources for fun, success, paying forward, and giving back!!!
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Zulmara Maria

Living the Law of Attraction: Changing Your Attraction Vibration


Millionaire Diva Checks

One of the most important aspects of Living the Law of Attraction as a lifestyle choice is understanding vibrational energy and how to be in the vortex of change. Since the LoA is a law like gravity, you do you have to know it, follow it, seek it or use it for it to be operational. It is operational in your daily life, whether you accept it or not. However, when you know how it works and understand the tenets of the LOA you can get it work for you in any area in your life where you desire change. You see, you created the life you have and you can create the life you want.

In terms of abundance, Abraham Hicks has offered the Prosperity Game as a way of changing your vibrational energy around money, abundance, and resources. In the Prosperity Game, you act as if you have millions of dollars to spend and you start spending. As Abraham says,

The Universe makes no distinction between the vibration you offer in response to what you are living and the vibration that you offer in response to what you are imagining, so this Prosperity Game Process is a powerful tool for shifting your vibrational point of attraction. – Abraham-Hicks

So playing the prosperity game and spending “checks” is a tool for shifting your vibrational energy. You are spending for the the things you love, the causes that are near and dear to your heart, and the necessities that you have and you are vibrating at a positive energy, because you never have to think, “How am I going to pay for all this.”

You see, it is important to change your energy to change your reality and change your circumstances. Abraham says,IMG_0556

When you are buried in the disappointment or fear of not having the financial resources that you believe you need, the dollars—or the opportunities that would bring the dollars—continue to elude you . . . not because you are bad or unworthy, but because the Law of Attraction matches things that are like, not things that are unlike. Abraham

So when you are in despair of not having enough, not having it all, not having your millions, your millions will elude, when you start spending with wild abandon, having fun getting the things, experiences, and opportunities you want, you change your energy and the money will start flowing to you. One of the most important tenets of being rich is feeling rich. It is very simple, like begets like, and the cycle continues unless you do something to break it. In Abraham’s words,

When you feel poor—only things that feel like poverty can come to you. When you feel prosperous—only things that feel like prosperity can come to you. This Law is consistent; and if you will pay attention, it will teach you, through life experience, how it works. When you remember that you get the essence of what you think about—and then you notice what you are getting— you have the keys for Deliberate Creation. Abraham

So play the Millionaire Diva Money game and have fun with, spend, spend, spend, and give, give give, with wild abandon, having fun, loving what you are doing and having a lot of fun while doing it.

If you want to read more about Abraham Hicks and the Prosperity Game, here are two AWESOME resources:



that will help you understand the Law of Attraction at a deeper level, see why spending and having fun is such a useful tool for changing your vibrational energy, and focus on prosperity and forget the rest. Remember, the Universe does not know these are not REAL checks, it just knows your vibration is in prosperity and there it will stay.

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Zulmara Maria

The DIVAS are in the House

summer 2014 008

Livin the Law of Attraction as a Lifestyle Choice

Yesterday, these 8 lovely ladies started the Million Dollar DIVA club to set their energy and vibration at the level of manifesting their millions. You will have a chance to meet each and every one of them in depth in the weeks to come on this blog. I just wanted to do a heartfelt shout out to them and say THANK YOU, GRACIAS, and MUITO OBRIGADA!!! We rocked it yesterday and have already started manifesting our millions!!!

My mission: A MILLION DIVAS make a MILLION!!! the course is a multi-modality course that engages all of the senses in setting your vibration in the millionaire mode.

A BIG shout out to my gals and keep spending those DIVA BUCKS!!!

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Zulmara Maria 


Living the Law of Attraction: My Incredible Millionaire Manifestation


YEAH!!! It REALLY Does Work

Imagine my shock when I woke up Wednesday morning and found these three texts in my messages?


summer 2014 055summer 2014 056summer 2014 057


My husband, who is visiting his sister who is a real estate agent, decided to look up the value of our properties and voila, I was an overnight Millionaire…well, not really overnight, but it felt that way. The three properties that we own have a gross value of 1.6 Million and we owe less than $500,000 on the properties combined. This was AWESOME news and very unexpected.

Although nothing the Universe does should surprise me because my Millionaire DIVAS start on Saturday and I was thinking, “I have not manifested my millions yet, I wonder if I will have any street cred with the wonderful ladies coming for the event?” And I thought, “Yes, I do have street cred and they will see it. My millions are on the way.”

And I left it at that, and then, this series of serendipitous events happens and “voila” I have the proof that I have indeed, used the tenets and principles of the Law of Attraction to attract my first million to me. And, my liquid assets are on their way. I love how this stuff works. When you start paying attention to the serendipities in life, they start just falling into place, one puzzle piece at a time.

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Zulmara Maria



Law of Attraction: Focusing on What is Right

Focusing on What is Going Right…Makes More Things Go Right

When living the Law of Attraction, focusing on what is going right will get you what you want more often and more quickly, than focusing on what went wrong. In any situation in life, there are things, events, circumstances, and serendipities that happen in the course of life and living. How we react to those circumstances can make all the difference in the world. As we examine each event, we can focus on wh
at went right or on what went wrong. When we focus on what went right, even if it is a little thing, it can help us stay in a positive vortex. For example, if you are still waiting for your abundance to come to you, rejoice in the fact that you have a job, you have a home, and you have your family. Don’t focus on your debt and get into despair on how you are going to pay it off, focus on being able to add $5.00 to your minimum payment on your credit card. If you are not happy with your current job, focus on what you do like, a person, a break, a lunch walk, or a colleague that helps you focus on what is right with your job. Don’t dwell on the negative, dwell on the positive…and know that dwelling on the positive will bring more and more positives.


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Zulmara Maria

The 9 Traits that Law of Attraction Enthusiasts Live By

Enjoying the Life you are Creating–

Creating the Life you are Enjoying


Law of attraction enthusiasts or those who follow the tenets of the Secret have the following 9 traits in common in how they live their lives. Adopting these 9 tenets into your daily life will help you start enjoying the life you are living and creating the life you are enjoying.

  1. They give thanks for all the wonderful things they have already manifested into their lives. It can be a car, your kids, a roof over your head, your health, your parents etc. Anything that makes you smile, is something to be grateful for.
  2. The visualize what they want to call into their lives on a regular basis. They see in their mind’s eye what they want to have come to them.
  3. They enjoy their life and take pleasure in the small things. Be it a rainbow, a sunset, a moonlight walk, a glimpse of the Milky Way, sea lo que sea, the little things make them smile.
  4. They are not in a hurry to get to the destination they are visualizing. They know it is coming and they enjoy the journey while never losing site of the goal.
  5. They do not try to dictate “how” their visualization will be realized, but they stay focused on the goal, with faith that it is coming.
  6. They realize that earthly time and space is not universal time and space so they give thanks for their prayers already being answered.
  7. They know and understand that they are a limitless shining light and share and shine that light freely, fondly, and fervidly.
  8. They laugh, smile, sing, dance, and enjoy life..all the time. They have a good day, everyday.
  9. They know in from their head to their toes, that life is just about as good as it gets. For them, life is AWESOME!!!

Once you have mastered living the law of attraction as a lifestyle choice you know in your soul that is it all about the journey and the end point has already been created by you.

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Zulmara Maria
Coaching Kit 129

Proud to be an American—Proud to be Latina


Proud to be an American—Proud to be Latina

Happy 4th of July-Feliz Dia de la Independencia!!!

As I contemplate this 4th of July, I must say that I am very, very, very proud to be an American. In this land of plenty, in this land of the free, in this land of love and beauty, in this sacred place of our ancestors, we are truly learning how to become one people. As a Latina living in America, I am truly blessed to be surrounded by an AWESOME group of Latinos who defy nationality and come together as one. Yes, we do have our countries and cultures of origin, but we are one and we identify as one. As Latinos who come together, we are not caught up with who is Mexican, who is El Salvadoran, who is Cubano, or who is Brasilian, we are one and we are proud to call ourselves, Latinas, living in our ancestral lands that are now shared with our European and African kin.

We are accepting of our European breathen and love our amigas from Espana who speak the language and join us as Latinas and our other, honorary Latinos who come from anywhere and are everywhere. We love the Afro-hispanos in our group who give us a different way of looking at the world.

This World Cup in Brasil has been very unifying and special. To see countries come together and we cheer for our team, but when our team is out, we go onto the next team…cuz our amigas and comadres are still in it. We are one, we are humans, we are ALL God’s children and that is very special indeed.

Yes, sooo proud to be an American and sooo proud to be a Latina. We are ONE and we are all created EQUALLY!!!

Con un pan y cafecito,
Seguimos ADELANTE!!!
Zulmara Maria

The Lion’s Roar

The Lions’s Roar:

Understanding Your Underlying Beliefs and Finding your MOJO



A pregnant lioness attempting to procure food for herself and her unborn child came upon a herd of goats. The hunt proved too much, she went into labor and succumbed while giving birth. The male cub sat next to his mother’s body not knowing what to do. Goats watched from a safe distance for many hours. After nearly 2 days of watching the cub a mother goat took pity on the cob, adopted him, fed him, protected him, gave him a home, and taught him everything that she could. She knew she could not teach him to be a lion but she did her best. The young cub grew up learning the language of the goats, the behavior of the goats, the manner of the goats. In many ways he was a goat.

As the young lion was becoming an adult an elder lion in search of goat meat spotted the young lion. He remembered the pregnant lioness leaving and not returning. He realized that this was a member of his family. He was distraught at seeing the young lion behaving like a goat, eating like a goat, smelling like a goat, sounding like a goat. He approached the young lion. The goats scattered. The young lion’s adopted family was terrified, he was not. He did not even notice that his adopted family had scattered. He was curious about this larger version of himself.

The old lion attempted to communicate to the young lion that he was not a goat but a lion. He did not succeed. The old lion took the young lion to the watering hole and showed him his reflection in the water hoping that he would see that he did not look like a goat but a lion. The young lion did not understand. The old lion took the young lion on a full run on the Savannah and the young lion, who had never run this fast, this far before began to feel more alive than he ever had in his life. The two soon wandered upon a herd of gazelles. There was an older gazelle hanging at the back of the herd, the old lion went in for the attack and the young lion joined him, instinctively knowing what to do.  The older lion started feasting on the gazelle. The young lion at first looked perplexed, but soon his innate instincts took over and he tentatively tried the meat. He enjoyed the taste, it made him feel satisfied and powerful. He ate freely of the meat until he was satiated. He then realized that he was not a goat but a lion. His innate instincts took over once again and he roared the roar of mighty a lion for the first time.

Have you found your Lion’s Roar? Do you know who you are? Have you found your inner Goddess???

Con un pan y cafecito
Seguimos adelante,
Zulmara Maria

Other versions of the Lion’s Roar:





My 3 Card Reading and the Universe Conspiring on my Behalf

A Movement is Launched

When the Universe conspires on our behalf it does so in mysterious ways. When the AWESOME Nancy Morrisson offered us 3 card readings, I eagerly said YES!!! and patiently awaited my readings. She sent me the following:

I am honored.  

In the Osho deck, the suits are fire (wands), water (cups), clouds (swords) and rainbows (pentacles) plus interpretations of the Major Arcana

Three cards:
Context of the situation / What needs focus or clarity / General direction things are heading

I pulled:

 8 of Rainbows:  Ordinariness

Knight of Water: Trust

Page of Clouds: Mind

 Coming from a place of awareness, appreciation of the simple things, near and dear.  Being fully present to life as it is.  The 8 of Rainbows is an Earth card and also a reminder that sometimes there is no need for a clever solution — the best answer is the most obvious.

 Attention is being drawn to Trust – leap and the net will appear.  While this figure doesn’t look very “knightly” (I love this card) the knights are card of action and that’s the focus being suggested right now.  Time is good to be stepping out and trust the Universe will give you wings.  Don’t over-think this  – that’s the next card.

Page of Clouds, Mind, is all tied up in trying to make sure everything has been thought of.  When the mind gets too involved, bring focus back to the heart.  Clarity of thought will be restored when the head and heart are working together.

 Overall: Keep it simple.   Remember, any challenges are opportunities for growth even if they look like problems. Use honesty, reason and love and be aware of the gifts and support you have around you. An action step now will allow you to fly. 

 Thank you for sharing this moment,




When I read my reading, I was struck by the message of ‘just act” and “get out of your own way”. I was in the middle of building my first ecourse and I had so much to do, I could not see a launch before early fall, but I was working diligently on it. I went back and reread what the cards said and I thought, how do I just get started? How do I Keep it Simple? How do I focus back on the heart? I meditated on this…and in the middle of the night, I got my answer…it was AWESOME!!!

Mil gracias, Nancy, you are a gem.


Con un pan y cafecito,
Seguimos adelante,
Zulmara Maria
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