Armando Sanchez–Latino Role Model Success

Armando Sanchez—Latino Role Models Success


Armando and I became fast friends when I answered a call on Facebook from Aaron. Aaron needed someone to interview quickly when his interviewee bailed on him. We had been communicating on FB, so I answered the call. We talked on the phone and Aaron decided his dad, founder of Latino Graduate, would be just the person to interview me.

I went to their studio and we had a great interview. I had my book, Chicken Soup for the Latino Soup, where I have a story, The Bear, and we talked about schools, writing, students, Latino success, and all things education. We quickly discovered we both had a passion for the same things and we started working together. We hosted an author’s fair at Jesse Torre’s bank, we held mixers, and we had planning meetings and book signings, and authors come and pitch their books and their passion for writing.

We had a lot of dinners spent discussing different ways of advancing Latinos in education and always with the idea that Latinos would do well when they read books about themselves and when they started to see themselves as successful.

Armando came into my journey at an interesting time. I was just beginning to network and going to various events with him and planning events with him allowed me to get the networking thing down. Those were good times in my early days of getting started and I still enjoy many wonderful relationships with people I met back then.

Latino Graduate is a great concept and great idea. Armando’s vision is to help Latinos navigate the higher education system so they can access financial aide and scholarships. He really believes that all students need an opportunity to succeed and if they do no make it, it should be a conscious decision, not a decision put on them because they did not know the rules or the game.

Mi amigo, gracias por todo que has hecho para mi y para los ninos latinos, eres muy amable.


Con un pan y cafecito

Seguimos Adelante,

Zulmara Maria

Thank You



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